Thursday, September 10, 2020

Esmé ‘s experience at the port city

 They docked at the Amalfi coast . It’s a must to dock at the popular seaside destination. The port city of Salerno is unparalleled in its beauty . With magnificent views of the sparkling blue Mediterranean Sea and charming towns littered across its Hilltops , it’s truly magical. 

Esme was very excited . She got dressed in comfortable clothes and wore sneakers . She wanted to experience the joy of sight seeing . By now she had become friends with most of them. They explored the cliffs of Positano , 

where pastel houses and quaint boutique hotels line the streets . They went for shopping at the ultra - chic island of Capri . It was truly exhilarating. 

Esme just walked the streets . Exploring and enjoying the rustic beauty . She stopped at an old cute cafe. Tucked under a canopy of flowers . The doorway was just too beautiful.She was enjoying herself thoroughly . As she was making her way to the boat , a man started walking towards her . Esmé s fear came rolling back in waves . She started walking quickly . He looked menamcing and threatening. Darab was quietly watching her from a distance . He quickly hurried towards her . He came and took hold of her hand . They walked towards the motor boat . Esme felt received . Though Darab was a stranger too . But he made her feel safe and secure . 

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