Sunday, September 13, 2020

Esmé Restless

 After coming back . Esme couldn’t go down to her room. She sat for sometime. Darab spotted her and came and sat next to her . Both comfortable in each other’s company and silence . Esme sighed deeply . 

Darab just looked at her . Esmé cleared her throat and said “ I’m very tired . I’ll crash for tonight “. 

Darab stood up and nodded . She bid him “ Good night “Darab replied.

Esme came and drew a bath . She rested in the tub for half an hour . Lost again in her past . Quickly she dried herself and slept . She woke up in the middle of the night screaming and sweating . She was panting . Just then there was a knock on her door . 

Darab said quietly “ Esme ! It’s me . Please open the door “. 

Esme didn’t want to be alone . She quickly opened the door and fell into his arms . 

He held her close . After a long time , she felt safe and cocooned. Her heart beat came back to normal . 

After  sometime Esme looked up . She gave a faint smile . 

“ Darab you can go now . I’m feeling better.”

He said “ You go back to sleep . I’ll go , once you are rested “.

Esme laid down . Deep down grateful to Darab for being there . She had no idea , when she fell asleep . 

She felt the brilliance of the sun’s rays on her face . She woke up groggily . Looked at her watch . 

O’ God . It was Almost 11 . 

She quickly showered . Got ready for lunch. There were having a fun activity at the Deck today . A round of games and a men’s cookout. The men were going to cook . 

Stay tuned for the excitement 😉😉

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