Monday, September 28, 2020

Esme Mesmerised

 Esme sat in shock . 

Darab continued “ It was 5 years ago . When I first came across your file “? 

Esme was even more stunned . “ My file? 

Darab replied “ Yes. Your ex- husband is the most wanted man “. 

Esme sat quietly . She replied “ I had no idea . I had a short whirlwind romance . He was so perfect . So polished “ 

She said “ Little did I realise ,what was in store for me “.

She relived her horror step by step . But this time she had Darab’s unrelenting support. He held her close in his arms , as she narrated her entire ordeal . 

She sat in his arms for a long time . Their quiet moment was shattered by the shrill ringing of the phone . 

Darab answered on the fourth ring “ Yes! He looked worried “ . 

He quickly disconnected and said “ pack , we have to leave . We are staying somewhere else. I’m not taking a chance here “ .

They quickly packed . As they were sitting in the car . They heard gunshot sounds . 

Darab quickly drove through the lanes at a blinding speed . 

Stay tuned 😉

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