Monday, September 14, 2020

Esme Joyous

 Esme woke up refreshed . She decided to enjoy the day to the fullest . She dressed her best and wore her best smile! Yes! She was ready again for the world . 

There was a lot of excitement on the deck . The men were setting up their corners . Darab was doing it alone ! Esme offered her help. She  started setting up the table .  They both joined in the spirit . Laughing and joking ! It was a light hearted morning . Darab made excellent pasta , salad and a chicken macaroni.

. All the men came up with their best . 

In the evening they played light hearted games. Had music and karoke on the deck . Each belting out their own versions of songs . Esme ft alive after along time . She found Darab next to her through out the evening. She caught him studying her once or twice . They grew very comfortable with each other . 

Around midnight the party broke . Tomorrow they were going into the port city , Bari . Around 5 , Esme was woken up by an urgent knock at the door . It was Darab . He looked very serious . He told her “ Listen to me carefully. Pack what you need . We are not coming back on this cruise . We have to go from Bari “. 

She answered bewildered” where ? What ? “

You are not making any sense . 

He answered . “ just trust me . You are not safe here anymore “

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