Saturday, September 12, 2020

Esmé Disturbed

 Esme tried composing herself as she sat in the boat . Darab did not leave her side . His concern mirrored clearly in his greyish depths . But he respected her silence . He sat quietly by her side lending her his support . Slowly Esme started enjoying herself.  Speaking to herself ,to put her fear aside . 

They were going towards the Grotto Cave , where the sun’s reflection creates a magical crystalline glow in the water . She had heard ! When she stood and saw it as they got off the 

boat , it was simply “ Out of this world “. She kept gazing for long. Lost ! She just loved it . 

They went around the cave . Explored it . Enjoyed the experience. Then they went on a tour of the ruins of Pompeii, the city where an ancient civilization was buried under ash and lava after the Mount Vesuvius volcano erupted. This part of history always fascinated her . Being a history student , she loved going back and experiencing it . Making it come alive again in her eyes . Living it once more ! 

It was nearing dusk. . They were heading back . Once on the ship . She sat alone in the dark on the deck for sometime. Not in the mood to be alone in her room . She was listening to the sounds of the sea . The memories came back . A silent river of tears flowed again . 

Suddenly she heard Darab “ What happened? Why are you crying ? 

She quickly wiped her tears . Looked up at him and gave a faint smile . Definitely! Not reaching her eyes .

She answered “ Nothing ! Just some memories. They always come at the wrong time . Uninvited “. 

Darab sat next to her “ Do you want to talk ? I’m here . If you feel like “ .

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