Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Esme and Darab’s Escapade

 Esme looked at Darab shocked and frightened. The fear was back . Raising its ugly head once again. But deep down there was a reassurance too! This time , she wasn’t alone . Darab was with her . Darab looked at her . Quietly drew out his wallet and showed his badge . 

Darab Said” Yes! I’m an undercover agent . Working on a sensitive case . Incidentally your husband , or should I say , ex- husband is linked to it “.

Esme replied “ He’s my nothing. I have broken every tie with him. I have filed for a divorce “ .

Darab and Esme quickly packed, what they required. Darab told her “ Look normal! Leave some of your stuff behind . If anyone is watching us , they won’t get suspicious “.

They both looked excited and happy . They acted touristy for sometime. Then slowly Darab took her and slipped away from the group . They rented a small cottage for the night . Next morning they were leaving for another town.

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