Sunday, September 20, 2020

Esmé and Darab on the run

 Darab woke Esme a little before dawn. He shushed her . Quickly indicated her to pack . They quietly sneaked from the back door . Going through alleys . He quickly got near the harbour . They found a man waiting for them . He handed over a bag to Darab and explained something. They quickly got into a boat . They reached capri in an hour . There they were met by another person. Drove to a cottage on the outskirts. Esme was feeling a bit exhausted. She quickly refreshed herself and ate a simple meal of baked dish and crusty bread . 

Once shc had eaten . Darab came and sat next to her and said “ Rest today over here”.

Tomorrow morning we have to leave for the airport. We are flying out to Turkey . It’s not safe here . We have to stay there , till things are taken care of . Esme looked tired . Suddenly Darab got up and hugged her tight to himself. Esme burst out crying . The tension was suddenly too much for her. Darab held her in his arms for a long time. Till she fell asleep. He picked her and rested her on the bed .


August Goals

 Hi Dear August! The month of monsoon. Each morning you pour your heart out! Is it a sign for us to do the same? Unleash and empty ourselves...