Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Esme and Darab in Alberobello

 Esme and Darab stayed in a quiet cottage . A regular bed and breakfast.Darab hardly slept . He was constantly on the guard . Next morning they left for Alberobello . A beautiful, quaint , picturesque place . 

Esme loved it instantly. There they rented a beautiful cottage . Darab and Esme checked the surroundings . Darab spoke to his associate. Once he was assured of their safety . He sat down to explain to Esme . 

He said “ Your ex -husband is wanted in 5 countries for illegal , nefarious activities. Were you aware of it “? 

Esme looked shocked . She replied “ I honestly had no idea !. “

Darab said “ I believe you “!.

Then he asked “ Then why did you run away from him?”.

Esme had a haunted look . She suddenly broke down . Weeped uncontrollably . 

She began “ I ran away for different reasons “. 

What do you think it is ?


  1. This is so interesting 😃🤠
    Waiting for the next piece ❤️❤️

  2. Thank you 😁😁coming soon . Going to get more exciting 😉


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