Friday, September 18, 2020

Esme and Darab cautious

 Darab and Esme went out to buy provisions . As they were coming out of the market . Darab noticed someone trailing them. He didn’t want to tell Esme anything. He took her to a cafe . They sat there enjoying coffee and lunch . It was a beautiful place . Run by a motherly figure . She was a talkative , entertaining ,sweet person . They thoroughly enjoyed themselves . As Esme was busy talking to her . Darab stepped out for sometime. He quickly glanced up and down the street . He was not to be found . He went in asked the lady , if she had another entrance . She pointed to the back door. Darab made an excuse of exploring somewhere on the other side of the street . 

Darab and Esme took a taxi and went to their little cottage. Just off the street , Darab stopped the taxi . After the taxi drove away , Darab took Esme and walked . 

Once they were inside. Darab told Esme “ we have to leave tomorrow morning again”.

“ I don’t think this place is also safe anymore “.

“Rest well! We leave around Dawn “ 

He suddenly hugged her tight . Placed a kiss on her forehead and bade her good night 😉


August Goals

 Hi Dear August! The month of monsoon. Each morning you pour your heart out! Is it a sign for us to do the same? Unleash and empty ourselves...