Friday, September 25, 2020

Darab confesses

 They reached Marbella safely . It was beautiful. The sun Glistening on the waters . The beaches had a golden Hue . They were taken to a cottage . There were 2 men who reported to Darab. They freshened up , had lunch and then Darab stepped out for a bit . The two men guarding Esme . 

Esme didn’t realise , she had fallen asleep on the hammock . Darab came and woke her up with a smile . He looked tired. They had a relaxing dinner. After a long time sitting in peace . 

They got talking . Suddenly Darab confessed. He said “ I have been in love with you since 3 years “. 

Esme sat shocked “ What ?

“ How come” .

Darab said . “ yes ! I have been in love with you and now I’m hopelessly and madly in love with you “.

Esme was too shocked to reply . 

Darab smiled held her hand and began . 

Stay tuned 😉


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