Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Darab and Esme on the run

 Once they landed in Turkey , Darab took a relaxing breath. Unfortunately it was short lived. As they were coming out , Darab grew alert . One of his counterparts crossed him and quickly slipped in a small piece of paper . 

It was written “ Not safe here , Get into disguises and head to Marbella ! Tickets waiting . Suspicious activity spotted” .

Darab quickly grabbed Esme. He asked her to act casual. He slid into a passage near the washrooms and asked her “ Is this the safe handbag you have been using ?”. She answered in the affirmative. He quickly scanned the handbag . He spotted a tracker in the inner lining of the bag . He dumped it into the bin. As the bin was being rolled , he spotted two people, looking confused and following it. They went back to the ticket counter and found two tickets waiting for them. They quickly collected their luggage . Grabbed a sandwich and some coffee and were once again on their way for boarding . 

Once inside the aircraft. Esme gave a dejected sigh and asked “ When will this end ?. He replied “ Soon sweetheart “!. 

Hugged her tight ! He said let’s enjoy Marbella ! Your tracker is gone . For sometime we are safe 😊


  1. Growing interesting day by day ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Thank you 😊. Stay tuned . More excitement on the way 😉


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