Monday, September 21, 2020

Darab and Esme on the go

 Darab and Esme left early . They reached Milan , stayed at a hotel near the airport . They were leaving for Turkey . Darab was very worried. The case was getting very complicated. More and More people were getting involved . They did not leave the airport at all . They had to get out of Turkey .

Next day as they were getting out of the hotel and going on to the next street, a car started tailing them. Darab quickly spoke to someone and he started driving in a totally opposite direction. He stopped by a mall. They went inside. He quickly took her to a costume store . There they bought disguises. They quietly got out of another entrance. His friend was waiting with the car . 

Darab told him “ Quickly! Get us to the airport “!

They reached the airport as soon as possible. They quickly rushed in. Darab quickly scanned the parking area . There was no one around . 

They checked in . Got their boarding passes . The boarding had started . Once the aircraft was air borne , Darab let out a huge sigh of relief . He held on to Esme’s hand and fell into a deep sleep .

Stay tuned for Turkey 😊


August Goals

 Hi Dear August! The month of monsoon. Each morning you pour your heart out! Is it a sign for us to do the same? Unleash and empty ourselves...