Sunday, September 13, 2020


 Such an everyday word . Probably used umpteenth number of times in the day . Yet! A vital requisite of our life . 

It’s ironical . Change is something we all fear . It’s a human tendency to build our own comfort zone . We hate being pushed out of it or being ruffled . We get flustered and agitated. But that’s the only truth . Change is inevitable.

Over the years when you look back . The only reality is that you have changed . You might be looking different , feeling different and living differently. 

Yet on a day to day basis , we deep down keep thinking, I’m living the same life . Really ! Do we ? 

We would not be ! Reason being life is a journey . Some people who joined you at the start might leave half way through . Some might join somewhere in between and still leave you . Some join momentarily. Till the end it’s just you ! Isn’t it ?

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