Friday, September 25, 2020

Change is inevitable

 When I look back to how far we have come, it’s amazing .5 months back we were contemplatinmasks and sanitizers as a must have. An essential to be list in our day to day lives . Today it’s become a part of our lives . Comfortably installed !! 

People are going about their lives . Accepting the pandemic , trying to resume normalcy amidst it . I think we are moreoless  successful!

This brought me to a thought this morning.

Which made me write this ! 

Change when accepted becomes a regular.

Online classes were an unheard of thing . My own experience as a teacher was a bit tentative in the beginning. But as I was learning the manoeuvreing it, it became comfortable. I learnt how to give the best to my students . 

Life is a series of trials and errors . We have to come out of our comfort zones . Not to be 

complacent .! When we are pushed out into 

 the unknown, that’s when you’ll see new achievements. 

6 months into the pandemic. Soon we’ll be divided into phases , like in History . The pre- pandemic and the post- pandemic . Like in every other century . This will be also noted !! 

Very soon we’ll be back to our old normal phase. But I’M Sure this has made us think deeply, what really matters in the end !!!

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