Friday, September 11, 2020

Beauty and worth .

 Beauty and worth !

Which eyes see it the best ?

There’s a famous quote which is re-quoted countless time “ Beauty lies in the eyes of the Be-holder “ today I would like to add something more to it . So is “ Worth”.

Both are understood only by the beholders. Wonder why everyone is not given the special eye for attention . So many times , why are people totally not understood . 

From children to adults , you keep hearing the same thing “ No one understands me”. Yet this is what everyone wants deep down “ Only to be understood and loved the way they want “.

In society today from youth to children they all face the same problem. Have we become so insensitive ? That another’s pain does not affect us . Have the hearts become so cold ? Has humanity succumbed to its death? 

Where is humaneness ? 

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