Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Aleah’s outburst

 Aleah learnt to be cordial with Aahil for the next few days . She was longing to get on with her work. She had to join them in Geneva . She was getting restless and irritable. 

The last night 

They had just finished having dinner. Aleah was packing because they were leaving next morning. The last leg of the conference was left . She was feeling much better. In her hearts of hearts , She knew it was because of Aahil. Her resentment was still strong . Her hurt deep rooted .

Aahil came forward and offered to do it . He tried to make her sit down . Just then something snapped within her . She angrily said” Can you stop babysitting me. I’m telling you for the 100 th time “.

This time Aahil lost it too. He had tried being patient with her . “ Dammit Aleah . Are you never going to forget it . Must I be punished and prosecuted for the rest of my life”.

Aleah angrily replied “ Yes! You deserve it . For what you did to me . You conveniently come waltzing back into my life . Expecting to take up from , where you left . Well I’m sorry to disappoint you . It’s not happening “.

Aahil didn’t want to fight with her any further. He just said “ We’ll see . What happens “.

Aleah was too angry to reply . She thought to herself. Nothing was going to happen.

Do you think something will happen?😉

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