Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Aleah and Aahil united finally

 Aleah and Aahil landed at Geneva Airport. As they were leaving the airport. Aahil slipped and hit his head on the pavement . He became totally unconscious. Aleah went crazy with worry. All the hurt of yester years just melting . They rushed him in the Ambulance . He was kept in the emergency for almost 48 hours . Aahil had not regained consciousness. 

Finally after 48 hours , he slowly came back to consciousness. Aleah did not leave his side for a minute . 

Finally ,when she saw Aahil giving her a faint smile, she burst into tears . All the ice within her just cascading into warm love . 

She realised it had always been Aahil for her . No wonder, she didn’t find anyone else . 

Finally they united . Aahil recovered in a few days . So thrilled . The love of his life , back in his life .

He told her jokingly “ Had I known this is all it would take , I would have fallen long ago”😉.

They hugged each other . Lost in a passionate embrace and completely lost to the world . 

Stay tuned for the next thrilling story coming up shortly .


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