Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Heartfelt October thoughts

 As I sit out of my little hearth , thinking. I wish for so many things . Dear october , I come to thee with a bag full of wishes . My wish list :

1) Keep the world warm with 💕 love.

2) Take away the cold vile from hearts.

3) Let each heart know happiness.

4) Each hearth filled with warmth of happy tidings and prosperity!

5) keep the citizens of the world safe.

6) Please let the Pandemic come to an end soon.

7) More Humanity!! More safety !!

My heartfelt musings for October !!

Let us always practice gratitude in Abundance and always be thankful for the blessings. 

I sincerely pray for those who are going through tough times. May they receive happy tidings soon . 

Stay blessed. Stay safe always 💕😊

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Tips for single moms!!

What do you want to be ?

 As I was growing up , I was repeatedly asked this question? . Countless times! I would sit deep in thought pondering 🤔.Do I need to be something to prove my worth . My heart and soul won’t be enough to speak for themselves. I was told you need certificates, you need credentials to prove your birth . To excel in any field , you have to show your worth . I smiled and stayed quiet . 

I met “ Humanity “ as I was growing up. I asked her” I want to excel in your course “. How do I do it? 

She smiled , took me by the hand and said “ Shireen just follow what your heart says “? You’ll excel !! 

In my graduation of life , I rather excel in the subject of compassion . Always lend a shoulder, be a silent support for people in troubled times . I want those credentials to speak for myself. For me my “ Harvard , Oxford” is all being a Humanitarian first . 

Speaking the language of Empathy and Love !! 

What the world needs ? Be the best in that !!

Some Wednesday musings !

Monday, September 28, 2020

The Honeysuckle Cottage

 Red Gabled Roofs 

A cute green chimney 

Fresh smells of gingerbread man 

And cinnamon bread 

Stayed put in the oven 

My cute little granny 

Sat  perched on her majestic chair 

Boiling her favourite stew 

And waiting for her loved grandchildren 

Grandfather was as usual reprimanded 

For tucking into the fresh made apple jam 

And the creamy scones !!

As ‘Tis’ was five 

My granny sat all dressed and 

Ready for us !

Serving us in her dainty 

Little tea service of pink roses 

And Lillies ! Freshly baked cakes !

Dainty sandwiches and lemonade 

Sat waiting for us !!

How I miss my cute little granny !!

I’m trying !

 Aaira’s story was not any different . She would wake 

up in the morning and get to work immediately. She had 2 young children, a demanding husband and aging in- laws . She had to get everything rolling before she could start rolling out for work. 

Her day would begun at 5 . After that she would be continuously working . Butunfortunately for her no one ever seemed to be satisfied. It was a never ending story . All the time something didn’t seem to be right .

Once a month she would go out with her friends for dinner . It was a ritual , which had gone on for so long  . It was a part of her life . The only thing , which made her truly happy . 

One day she came across an article . Which made her think too . Why did she have to be

perfect? She was a human with different interests . She was not here to please everyone all the time . What about her? What she wanted in life ?

One morning it all changed. Aaira woke up with a bad headache. She was running late . Trying to multi task as much as possible. 

The children were shouting for their breakfast,her in- laws wanted their tea , her husband wanted his tiffin packed . Suddenly something snapped in her . 

She came out of the kitchen and said “ I’m A human not a robot . They all stared at her , totally dumbfounded. She said “ have any of you bothered to even ask if I have had my breakfast or do you have time to even have a cup of tea” .

Every single day ,I’m running pillar to post to get things done . But none of you even bother to ask , if I get time to eat . I’m going away for a few days . Please manage on your own . Aaira left for Delhi to visit her cousin .

On the flight , she kept thinking for a long time. It was the way girls are brought up . Always conditioned to sacrifice and keep quiet. You can be miserable, upset but always have a smiling face . Your likes and dislikes don’t matter . Your individuality doesn’t matter at all. 

What is the role of a woman ? She keeps living and sacrificing eternally. Then when does she live for herself? Is a slot given to her till she is alive ? 

Story of countless women . 

Esme Mesmerised

 Esme sat in shock . 

Darab continued “ It was 5 years ago . When I first came across your file “? 

Esme was even more stunned . “ My file? 

Darab replied “ Yes. Your ex- husband is the most wanted man “. 

Esme sat quietly . She replied “ I had no idea . I had a short whirlwind romance . He was so perfect . So polished “ 

She said “ Little did I realise ,what was in store for me “.

She relived her horror step by step . But this time she had Darab’s unrelenting support. He held her close in his arms , as she narrated her entire ordeal . 

She sat in his arms for a long time . Their quiet moment was shattered by the shrill ringing of the phone . 

Darab answered on the fourth ring “ Yes! He looked worried “ . 

He quickly disconnected and said “ pack , we have to leave . We are staying somewhere else. I’m not taking a chance here “ .

They quickly packed . As they were sitting in the car . They heard gunshot sounds . 

Darab quickly drove through the lanes at a blinding speed . 

Stay tuned 😉

Sunday, September 27, 2020

Just the way you are !

 Life is a very strange teacher ! The best lessons of my life , I didn’t learn in the classroom. Out in the field of life . 

Various instances , various occasions all taught me one thing . It’s all matter of perception. No matter how much you do for some people, they just cannot accept you or like you . That’s their pre- conceived notions . 

Some people will love you for just the way you are ! Those are your people. We are always given a mix of both . You have to in the drive of experience learn to differentiate. 

If you don’t end up doing this , you will have a lot of negative feelings home within you . 

It took me a long while and my own share of disappointments and hurt . But today i’m A much stronger  , happier and positive person . I stay with people who bring out the best in me . 

Love me just the way I’m. My difficult, quirky and a different me . 

Learn to value these beautiful souls !! Selfless love is rare in today’s times . If you have found it , you have found the best treasure. It’s totally priceless 😊

When can I see you again

 “ Angels are often disguised as daughters” 

For me to make me feel like an angel always was my dear dad . He always made me feel the best .  Till he was around , I always felt special !! 

I guess fathers always make you feel like that . Their darlings , angels , princesses . But I was truly lucky to have in reality experienced that . 

Today he resides in Paradise and I wait  eagerly for the day , when I could once more be with him. When can I touch you dad ? 

When I can I experience your hugs?? 

I was lucky enough to be blessed with a daughter too. Yes ! An angelic being . A soft , gentle soul !! 

Daughters are truly special !!

Friday, September 25, 2020

Change is inevitable

 When I look back to how far we have come, it’s amazing .5 months back we were contemplatinmasks and sanitizers as a must have. An essential to be list in our day to day lives . Today it’s become a part of our lives . Comfortably installed !! 

People are going about their lives . Accepting the pandemic , trying to resume normalcy amidst it . I think we are moreoless  successful!

This brought me to a thought this morning.

Which made me write this ! 

Change when accepted becomes a regular.

Online classes were an unheard of thing . My own experience as a teacher was a bit tentative in the beginning. But as I was learning the manoeuvreing it, it became comfortable. I learnt how to give the best to my students . 

Life is a series of trials and errors . We have to come out of our comfort zones . Not to be 

complacent .! When we are pushed out into 

 the unknown, that’s when you’ll see new achievements. 

6 months into the pandemic. Soon we’ll be divided into phases , like in History . The pre- pandemic and the post- pandemic . Like in every other century . This will be also noted !! 

Very soon we’ll be back to our old normal phase. But I’M Sure this has made us think deeply, what really matters in the end !!!

Darab confesses

 They reached Marbella safely . It was beautiful. The sun Glistening on the waters . The beaches had a golden Hue . They were taken to a cottage . There were 2 men who reported to Darab. They freshened up , had lunch and then Darab stepped out for a bit . The two men guarding Esme . 

Esme didn’t realise , she had fallen asleep on the hammock . Darab came and woke her up with a smile . He looked tired. They had a relaxing dinner. After a long time sitting in peace . 

They got talking . Suddenly Darab confessed. He said “ I have been in love with you since 3 years “. 

Esme sat shocked “ What ?

“ How come” .

Darab said . “ yes ! I have been in love with you and now I’m hopelessly and madly in love with you “.

Esme was too shocked to reply . 

Darab smiled held her hand and began . 

Stay tuned 😉

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

My own makeup Tips!!!

 Being repeatedly asked by my friends , I have come up with my makeup tips!! This is what I use and works well for me. 

For make up to look best , your skin has to be squeaky clean and glowing . For the colours to enhance , your skin has to glow . 


Drinking 8/10 glasses of water is mandatory.


I believe it to be the quintessential!

 If you are tired 

Splash some rose water . Close your eyes and gently massage your face in soft circulation. 


Weekly scrubbing and using a pack is very important. You have to be careful with what works for your skin .


Clean your skin thoroughly at night . Use a pomegranate toner and a night moisturiser. That’s when your skin gets replenished.

Make up

Just before applying , I rub my face gently with 1,2 ice -cubes. Once the face is dry . Use a BB cream , I use Clinique’s . 

Eye Makeup 

I’m more partial to coloured eye liners . My favourite blue are :

Mac’s smokey eye 

Avon’s starry night 

Urban Decay 

And all time favourite is Nars 

I also use sugar blue eye liner . I like to use green , grey and sometimes brown too. 

My eye shadow palette is urban decay and huda . I like subtle colours . 


Mac , Maybelline and Revlon . My colours vary . Sometimes I’m  more inclined towards browns , at times pink and sometimes only red . Colours are something you should play around with. 

In the end I use Mac studio fix powder and NYC ‘s face shimmer powder . 

I’m not a person who likes foundation. I always believe makeup is just to enhance not to change you completely . 


This is the most important, it gives a complete look to your makeup . I like voluminising mascaras . I also use coloured ones sometimes. 

In the end it’s all about the mood you are in . 

The Golden rule is , if your outfit is of a lighter shade , your make up can be a bit heavier . If your outfit is dark , your make up should be lighter . Balancing is very important . Occasion, there are many factors that should be kept in mind . 

Breathe well, excercise , stay happy and be happy . Have your make up is already done !! 

Don’t forget to wear your million dollar smile at all times !! 

The other requisite is drop your worries st Home . Once you head out of the door , look forward to the evening!!

Enjoy yourselves!!! 

Darab and Esme on the run

 Once they landed in Turkey , Darab took a relaxing breath. Unfortunately it was short lived. As they were coming out , Darab grew alert . One of his counterparts crossed him and quickly slipped in a small piece of paper . 

It was written “ Not safe here , Get into disguises and head to Marbella ! Tickets waiting . Suspicious activity spotted” .

Darab quickly grabbed Esme. He asked her to act casual. He slid into a passage near the washrooms and asked her “ Is this the safe handbag you have been using ?”. She answered in the affirmative. He quickly scanned the handbag . He spotted a tracker in the inner lining of the bag . He dumped it into the bin. As the bin was being rolled , he spotted two people, looking confused and following it. They went back to the ticket counter and found two tickets waiting for them. They quickly collected their luggage . Grabbed a sandwich and some coffee and were once again on their way for boarding . 

Once inside the aircraft. Esme gave a dejected sigh and asked “ When will this end ?. He replied “ Soon sweetheart “!. 

Hugged her tight ! He said let’s enjoy Marbella ! Your tracker is gone . For sometime we are safe 😊

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Whisper in the Dark

 A gentle flutter

A floaty breath 

A tingle on 

The crevices of 

My soul!!

A gently flutter

A wiff in the air

A sunmer’s breeze 

The crisp new 

Autumn 🍂 

what was it ?

I just felt it 

A tiny whisper 

In the dark 

Know not from where ?

Just a gentle touch 

On my soul!!

A whisper in the dark

Which vanished in the 

Light of dawn 

Every night I fight 

My dreams!! To hear 

You whisper once more 

In the Dark!!!

Monday, September 21, 2020

Darab and Esme on the go

 Darab and Esme left early . They reached Milan , stayed at a hotel near the airport . They were leaving for Turkey . Darab was very worried. The case was getting very complicated. More and More people were getting involved . They did not leave the airport at all . They had to get out of Turkey .

Next day as they were getting out of the hotel and going on to the next street, a car started tailing them. Darab quickly spoke to someone and he started driving in a totally opposite direction. He stopped by a mall. They went inside. He quickly took her to a costume store . There they bought disguises. They quietly got out of another entrance. His friend was waiting with the car . 

Darab told him “ Quickly! Get us to the airport “!

They reached the airport as soon as possible. They quickly rushed in. Darab quickly scanned the parking area . There was no one around . 

They checked in . Got their boarding passes . The boarding had started . Once the aircraft was air borne , Darab let out a huge sigh of relief . He held on to Esme’s hand and fell into a deep sleep .

Stay tuned for Turkey 😊

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Heartfelt musings

 I just want the world to know happiness and peace again . A heartfelt wish I paint on the horizon of life” To see the world contented “ once more. Long for an encore again . How we crave for normalcy again? Would we ever be bored now for normal? Just simple pleasures , I long for again . 

To just sit with my loved ones unmasked . Out in the open to breathe without fear . A cup of coffee shared lovingly with my friends. A meal served with love and shared with loved ones .

 Who knew there would be a time , where the almighty would say “ you were bored with normal” . 

“ Now we crave for it”!

One thing I learnt just extend your gratitude at all times . Don’t know what life has in store next . Spend each living moment doing what you feel like. Who knows what times lay ahead . Maybe life will not be the same .

Truly be grateful and thankful. What is , is !

What shall be , shall be !

Rest is all a series of “ what if’s “?

Esmé and Darab on the run

 Darab woke Esme a little before dawn. He shushed her . Quickly indicated her to pack . They quietly sneaked from the back door . Going through alleys . He quickly got near the harbour . They found a man waiting for them . He handed over a bag to Darab and explained something. They quickly got into a boat . They reached capri in an hour . There they were met by another person. Drove to a cottage on the outskirts. Esme was feeling a bit exhausted. She quickly refreshed herself and ate a simple meal of baked dish and crusty bread . 

Once shc had eaten . Darab came and sat next to her and said “ Rest today over here”.

Tomorrow morning we have to leave for the airport. We are flying out to Turkey . It’s not safe here . We have to stay there , till things are taken care of . Esme looked tired . Suddenly Darab got up and hugged her tight to himself. Esme burst out crying . The tension was suddenly too much for her. Darab held her in his arms for a long time. Till she fell asleep. He picked her and rested her on the bed .

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Open wounds

 They bled of their own will

Long after the hurt 

Which ran deep and sharp

Right beneath the heart 

Healed thought I?

Till the river of Blood 

Pooled around my being

Testimony to my “ own open wounds “

Friday, September 18, 2020

Daddy’s little girl

 Daddy’s little girl!

I was called

My face beamed 

My being radiated

My eyes twinkled

My smile stayed !

Alas! One day you left

For the beyond

Left me alone and scarred !

I held myself 

Wrapped in self 

Tight hugs !

You took away all

I never was the same 

Daddy’s little girl!!

Daddy’s little girl

Lost herself for good!!

Never to be found again!

Esme and Darab cautious

 Darab and Esme went out to buy provisions . As they were coming out of the market . Darab noticed someone trailing them. He didn’t want to tell Esme anything. He took her to a cafe . They sat there enjoying coffee and lunch . It was a beautiful place . Run by a motherly figure . She was a talkative , entertaining ,sweet person . They thoroughly enjoyed themselves . As Esme was busy talking to her . Darab stepped out for sometime. He quickly glanced up and down the street . He was not to be found . He went in asked the lady , if she had another entrance . She pointed to the back door. Darab made an excuse of exploring somewhere on the other side of the street . 

Darab and Esme took a taxi and went to their little cottage. Just off the street , Darab stopped the taxi . After the taxi drove away , Darab took Esme and walked . 

Once they were inside. Darab told Esme “ we have to leave tomorrow morning again”.

“ I don’t think this place is also safe anymore “.

“Rest well! We leave around Dawn “ 

He suddenly hugged her tight . Placed a kiss on her forehead and bade her good night 😉

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Thursday Tits Bits

 “ Ours is a forever “ . Never could a statement have been so far removed from the truth . Thought Samara to herself . 10 years ago on this very day . “ A beautiful , bright “Thursday Morning “ he had proclaimed undying love and a promise for forever . It had not lasted a year . After 10 odd  years , she was left with Tits Bits of an undying love proclamation and the Tits Bits of life . 

The reality today was that all those years ago , that ill fated Thursday would in the end , leave her with Tits Bits and nothing more !!

People! The different ingredients of Life

 Life is a giant recipe book!

Yes! People who meet and come into our lives are the various ingredients! 

The recipes are the experiences!!

Each ingredient will have a different feel and taste to it . 

Some will leave you in a fit of giggles !

Some will give you life long lessons .

Some will always bring a smile and some will take away the smile . 

But they are all needed in the Giant Recipe Book .

Live through each recipe ! Every recipe will have a unique flavour to it ! 

How you enhance it , is your signature style!

The chef of the Recipe Book!

Esme and Darab in Alberobello

 Esme and Darab stayed in a quiet cottage . A regular bed and breakfast.Darab hardly slept . He was constantly on the guard . Next morning they left for Alberobello . A beautiful, quaint , picturesque place . 

Esme loved it instantly. There they rented a beautiful cottage . Darab and Esme checked the surroundings . Darab spoke to his associate. Once he was assured of their safety . He sat down to explain to Esme . 

He said “ Your ex -husband is wanted in 5 countries for illegal , nefarious activities. Were you aware of it “? 

Esme looked shocked . She replied “ I honestly had no idea !. “

Darab said “ I believe you “!.

Then he asked “ Then why did you run away from him?”.

Esme had a haunted look . She suddenly broke down . Weeped uncontrollably . 

She began “ I ran away for different reasons “. 

What do you think it is ?

Esme and Darab’s Escapade

 Esme looked at Darab shocked and frightened. The fear was back . Raising its ugly head once again. But deep down there was a reassurance too! This time , she wasn’t alone . Darab was with her . Darab looked at her . Quietly drew out his wallet and showed his badge . 

Darab Said” Yes! I’m an undercover agent . Working on a sensitive case . Incidentally your husband , or should I say , ex- husband is linked to it “.

Esme replied “ He’s my nothing. I have broken every tie with him. I have filed for a divorce “ .

Darab and Esme quickly packed, what they required. Darab told her “ Look normal! Leave some of your stuff behind . If anyone is watching us , they won’t get suspicious “.

They both looked excited and happy . They acted touristy for sometime. Then slowly Darab took her and slipped away from the group . They rented a small cottage for the night . Next morning they were leaving for another town.

Tuesday, September 15, 2020


 What do we Envisage in our lives ? 

How many dreams lie unfulfilled?

How many hearts desires , all die a silent death ? 

Then why do we Envisage ? 

Yes! Many a times , we leave this world with a lot of unfinished work. 

That’s life! 

Sometimes we are handed a lot of successes one after another. Sometimes there’s a Lull .

But being “ Human” , it’s natural to feel disheartened . Do feel that !  Honour each feeling . But again wear your brightest smile and your best shoes and set out on the journey . 

Some paths are still left to be discovered . Waiting for you patiently . Don’t disappoint them. All the Best lovelies!!!

Conquer it with your best smile 😊

Monday, September 14, 2020

Esme Joyous

 Esme woke up refreshed . She decided to enjoy the day to the fullest . She dressed her best and wore her best smile! Yes! She was ready again for the world . 

There was a lot of excitement on the deck . The men were setting up their corners . Darab was doing it alone ! Esme offered her help. She  started setting up the table .  They both joined in the spirit . Laughing and joking ! It was a light hearted morning . Darab made excellent pasta , salad and a chicken macaroni.

. All the men came up with their best . 

In the evening they played light hearted games. Had music and karoke on the deck . Each belting out their own versions of songs . Esme ft alive after along time . She found Darab next to her through out the evening. She caught him studying her once or twice . They grew very comfortable with each other . 

Around midnight the party broke . Tomorrow they were going into the port city , Bari . Around 5 , Esme was woken up by an urgent knock at the door . It was Darab . He looked very serious . He told her “ Listen to me carefully. Pack what you need . We are not coming back on this cruise . We have to go from Bari “. 

She answered bewildered” where ? What ? “

You are not making any sense . 

He answered . “ just trust me . You are not safe here anymore “

Writings of the heart

 Today I just wanted to feel . Unrestricted , non - stoppable and deeply valued . Somedays we have to give free reign to our thoughts . 

As humans we are repeatedly conditioned in presenting ourselves. But there are times when you want to live exactly the way your heart desires . Live ! feel ! Honour!

It’s “ You” . We are not a packaged , manufactured product to follow norms . We are a bundle of nerves , emotions and countless feelings . 

Always remember one important thing. You are uniquely different and beautiful. Designed by the best!!! 

Never let anyone take away your individuality. 

Stay blessed beautiful souls !! Feel beautiful every minute 😊

Smouldering Depths

 Deep in the brilliance 

Of thy smouldering depths 

What not did I find 

My world ‘ Art thou 

Your Smouldering depths

Gave me a new reason 

To live !!

O’ tawny smouldering depths 

What fire stays smouldered 

The fire of the soul ! 

The Heart ! 

Smouldered and firey!!

You fire my soul !

My heart !

My life !

N my entire being !

The smouldered embers 

Burn bright in my soul !

Keep me imprisoned them 

For Life !

Coz ‘ they are the reason 

For my life to breathe !!

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Esmé Restless

 After coming back . Esme couldn’t go down to her room. She sat for sometime. Darab spotted her and came and sat next to her . Both comfortable in each other’s company and silence . Esme sighed deeply . 

Darab just looked at her . Esmé cleared her throat and said “ I’m very tired . I’ll crash for tonight “. 

Darab stood up and nodded . She bid him “ Good night “Darab replied.

Esme came and drew a bath . She rested in the tub for half an hour . Lost again in her past . Quickly she dried herself and slept . She woke up in the middle of the night screaming and sweating . She was panting . Just then there was a knock on her door . 

Darab said quietly “ Esme ! It’s me . Please open the door “. 

Esme didn’t want to be alone . She quickly opened the door and fell into his arms . 

He held her close . After a long time , she felt safe and cocooned. Her heart beat came back to normal . 

After  sometime Esme looked up . She gave a faint smile . 

“ Darab you can go now . I’m feeling better.”

He said “ You go back to sleep . I’ll go , once you are rested “.

Esme laid down . Deep down grateful to Darab for being there . She had no idea , when she fell asleep . 

She felt the brilliance of the sun’s rays on her face . She woke up groggily . Looked at her watch . 

O’ God . It was Almost 11 . 

She quickly showered . Got ready for lunch. There were having a fun activity at the Deck today . A round of games and a men’s cookout. The men were going to cook . 

Stay tuned for the excitement 😉😉

The path !

 “ The path led us to a beautiful destination in life . The Best ! But sadly not to unite” .

Samaira would be standing at her stop every morning to be picked up by her office pick -up. Amaar would drive past , slowly and consistently falling for her . Both heading to work . He would long to stop ! Wanting to know her . But “ Ego “ would stop him. 

For a year , he would drive past and would be thrilled just to catch a glimpse. One rainy morning, as he drove past , he did not see her there . Wondering as to what happened? Whole day , his thoughts kept going back to her . He could not concentrate much . He canceled his meeting with his team. He was not in the mood. 

Next morning , he drove slowly past , wanting to see her . She was not there ! It was almost a week now. What could have happened to her ? He became moody ! He didn’t feel like interacting with anyone. Sullen and quiet ! Oh ! God . So unlike him. 

He didn’t think in his wildest dreams that she had such power over him. For the first time in life he prayed hard . His parents were a little surprised to see him not going out much . He was spending quiet evenings at home . He just wanted to see her once again . 

Monday morning he eagerly left for work . She was still not there ! 

What do you think happens next ? Do their paths cross ? Keep tuned for more .


 Such an everyday word . Probably used umpteenth number of times in the day . Yet! A vital requisite of our life . 

It’s ironical . Change is something we all fear . It’s a human tendency to build our own comfort zone . We hate being pushed out of it or being ruffled . We get flustered and agitated. But that’s the only truth . Change is inevitable.

Over the years when you look back . The only reality is that you have changed . You might be looking different , feeling different and living differently. 

Yet on a day to day basis , we deep down keep thinking, I’m living the same life . Really ! Do we ? 

We would not be ! Reason being life is a journey . Some people who joined you at the start might leave half way through . Some might join somewhere in between and still leave you . Some join momentarily. Till the end it’s just you ! Isn’t it ?

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Sunday Alarm!

 Through out the week , I longingly wait for Sunday . Contemplating to sleep late on Saturday night . Catch up on my Netflix series or other shows . But invariably my eyes start closing on their own accord . We both have a silent battle going on . I want to be defiant and keep awake . My eyes want to close and I want to keep them wide open . 

Finally ! I succumb to my eyes will and sleep . 

And guess what ? I’m wide awake at 5.30 on Sunday morning. Oh God ! Not on a Sunday . No way ! Then I deliberately go back to sleep . But I’m not destined to sleep any longer .

Alas ! At 7 . The doorbell rings ! The newspaper man . 7.30 wrong delivery . I scream in frustration . At 8 , the milkman with a query . Finally ! I still wow to sleep for atleast another hour . 

Guess what ! The cook calls . Not coming in today . 

A beautiful ruin of my Sunday morning sleep . I wake up and succumb to it . My sleep lying in ruins . I sit wide eyed . My coffee comes to my rescue. Lending it’s support and undying love 😁

Esmé Disturbed

 Esme tried composing herself as she sat in the boat . Darab did not leave her side . His concern mirrored clearly in his greyish depths . But he respected her silence . He sat quietly by her side lending her his support . Slowly Esme started enjoying herself.  Speaking to herself ,to put her fear aside . 

They were going towards the Grotto Cave , where the sun’s reflection creates a magical crystalline glow in the water . She had heard ! When she stood and saw it as they got off the 

boat , it was simply “ Out of this world “. She kept gazing for long. Lost ! She just loved it . 

They went around the cave . Explored it . Enjoyed the experience. Then they went on a tour of the ruins of Pompeii, the city where an ancient civilization was buried under ash and lava after the Mount Vesuvius volcano erupted. This part of history always fascinated her . Being a history student , she loved going back and experiencing it . Making it come alive again in her eyes . Living it once more ! 

It was nearing dusk. . They were heading back . Once on the ship . She sat alone in the dark on the deck for sometime. Not in the mood to be alone in her room . She was listening to the sounds of the sea . The memories came back . A silent river of tears flowed again . 

Suddenly she heard Darab “ What happened? Why are you crying ? 

She quickly wiped her tears . Looked up at him and gave a faint smile . Definitely! Not reaching her eyes .

She answered “ Nothing ! Just some memories. They always come at the wrong time . Uninvited “. 

Darab sat next to her “ Do you want to talk ? I’m here . If you feel like “ .

Friday, September 11, 2020

Beauty and worth .

 Beauty and worth !

Which eyes see it the best ?

There’s a famous quote which is re-quoted countless time “ Beauty lies in the eyes of the Be-holder “ today I would like to add something more to it . So is “ Worth”.

Both are understood only by the beholders. Wonder why everyone is not given the special eye for attention . So many times , why are people totally not understood . 

From children to adults , you keep hearing the same thing “ No one understands me”. Yet this is what everyone wants deep down “ Only to be understood and loved the way they want “.

In society today from youth to children they all face the same problem. Have we become so insensitive ? That another’s pain does not affect us . Have the hearts become so cold ? Has humanity succumbed to its death? 

Where is humaneness ? 

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Esmé ‘s experience at the port city

 They docked at the Amalfi coast . It’s a must to dock at the popular seaside destination. The port city of Salerno is unparalleled in its beauty . With magnificent views of the sparkling blue Mediterranean Sea and charming towns littered across its Hilltops , it’s truly magical. 

Esme was very excited . She got dressed in comfortable clothes and wore sneakers . She wanted to experience the joy of sight seeing . By now she had become friends with most of them. They explored the cliffs of Positano , 

where pastel houses and quaint boutique hotels line the streets . They went for shopping at the ultra - chic island of Capri . It was truly exhilarating. 

Esme just walked the streets . Exploring and enjoying the rustic beauty . She stopped at an old cute cafe. Tucked under a canopy of flowers . The doorway was just too beautiful.She was enjoying herself thoroughly . As she was making her way to the boat , a man started walking towards her . Esmé s fear came rolling back in waves . She started walking quickly . He looked menamcing and threatening. Darab was quietly watching her from a distance . He quickly hurried towards her . He came and took hold of her hand . They walked towards the motor boat . Esme felt received . Though Darab was a stranger too . But he made her feel safe and secure . 

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Arzoo E -Dil

 Kissi ne apni Sunayee

Kissi ne kissi Aur ki

Suni na kissi ne 

Ek pal hamari 

Kissi ne Guzarish e Guftugu ki 

Kissi ne Apne Dil ki bayaani ki 

Sunte sunte ek arsa Beeth Gaya 

Phir Soncha shireen ne 

Apni suna Do Iss 

Kagahz ke kore pannoan ko 

Hai toh Koreh!!! 

Hai toh koreh!!!

Magar innoho ne Suni 

Meri zubaani 

Meri bayanni 

Har Bar !!

Yeh Koreh!!!

Ban Gaye Apne !!!


 Tere Ta’assur ne 

Kisses Kya Kya banaya

Kissi ko bandagi Nawazi

Kissi ko Mohabbat ata huwi

Tera Ta’assur jise mila

Usne dobara arzoo 

Phir na ki kisi ki

Kya Ta’assur Teri

Rooh ka hai

Ya unn unkahee Ankhon ka

Ankhein chup Rathi hai

Hoanth Tere sile se

Phir kahan se Aisa 

Ta’ assur paya apne

Shireen chali khud 

Iss ka jawab talashti huwi

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Sunset Eyes

 Windows of the Soul

Doorway to the heart 

Your eyes ! Say it All

The spirit in your eyes 

The tint, the brilliance 

Remind me of the 

Magnificence of the setting sun

Just as the brilliance 

Turns into purple Dusk 

Your eyes become dark and mysterious 

Covered in the haze of the lashes

Hazy , dusky and dewy !

Sunday, September 6, 2020

Esmé unwinds

 Esmé was excited after a long time. She was getting dressed for the party tonight . It had been so long since , she had felt like dressing. He had killed all her dreams and aspirations one by one . She had lived for years in the graveyard of her dreams . Dreams some which had died their natural death. Some killed by her . 

She looked beautiful tonight. Beautiful from 

within and beautiful from out . She looked up and said a silent prayer . Please! Let not my fear ruin it.

She went up onto the deck . It was a beautiful night . The sea was also in a musical mood tonight . She was enjoying on her own by the deck for sometime. When she heard someone calling out to her . It was Mrs. Smith. A sweet person . 

She instantly walked towards her . They sat together for sometime. Just then Darab came and wished her . “ Good Evening ! 

Esmé wished him back with a smile. 

“ would you care for a dance with me “? He asked .

She ws hesitant . Mrs. Smith urged her on with a wink 😉.

Esmé and Darab danced for sometime together. 

Slowly Esmé relaxed . After years she felt so free spirited . When had she danced like this ? 

No memory . 

Joined Together

 Joined together in harmony 

Brought together by shared 

Values , feelings and Emotions 

O’ Beautiful citizens of the world 

What thou brings you together 

Some brought together by 

Shared sorrow 

Unshed tears 

Lingering pain

Joyous smiles

Love for each other 

Mutual Respect 

Emotions displayed by

All ! 

Different junctions 

Different Destinations 

Different paths 

What brought you together ?

Cried All !!

Our Mutual Feelings 😊

Women should know it all!

 Why do we repeatedly expect women to be these super women wearing capes and flying about their chores?

Why can’t women just be what they want?

Why are they put into the old conditioned moulds if society repeatedly ? I repeat ! Repeatedly. 

It’s fine , if a woman does not have any aptitude for the so called culinary degree , which she is forced to take by her family . 

It’s perfectly fine, if she wants to concentrate on carving a niche for herself. 

It’s totally fine , if she is selfish at some times and is thinking about herself for the few moments in the day . 

Women please stop feeling guilty for wanting to do what your soul desires ? 

You owe it to yourself! 

You too have one life . Live the way you want . 

Some days if you don’t want to do anything, Repect it !

The earth is not coming to an end . You are not too good in things which are expected of you. That’s totally fine ✅. You might be doing something which you excel at 👌.

Break these moulds ! Set our girls free ! Let them breathe ! Start putting men in moulds instead . How about training the boys in cooking and household chores ! 

All the hard work women do ! Mind you ! The best chefs are usually men😉

Men should know cooking too!

“ Beta do you know cooking “?

The first question very sweetly asked by the boy’s family , when they came to see Neha for the first time . A shy timid Neha looked up . Desperately being signaled by her mother to say a yes . She nodded her head .

Q2) Aur Kya Kya Ghar ka Khaam aata hai”?

Wait a minute ! What is she ? Why should she firstly know all the household chores? 

Why can’t a woman asked about, what does she like doing? What are her interests? 

These questions are never asked . What is asked is what is expected .

Reema did not know cooking at all. 2 Morning’s after her wedding, she couldn’t even make egg properly . 

“ Iss ko toh Anda banane bhi nahi aata “ 

A series of taunts came her away . 

How come we never ask these questions to boy’s ? 

Why doesn’t the girl’s family ask the same questions to them?

A woman will only be measured by the culinary delights she whips up for her family . What about her other achievements? Don’t they matter ? 

Who cares if she can’t cook ? 

Friday, September 4, 2020

My Dad - My first Teacher

 On Teachers day , how can I forget my first teacher , My dad . He was here for a short while in my journey of life . But the foundation he laid , was very strong . Today I’m a blogger, it’s truly because of him. He instilled in me the love of English. He was a voracious reader himself . He had an excellent flair for writing . He spoke to me , explained to me .

The most important lessons he imparted were the lessons of life . Those took me ahead without him. There’s no single moment in my life that I do not miss him. He was the perfect, ideal symbol of fatherhood. My hero !!

I love him to the moon and back and more if it’s possible. He taught me humility . He always quoted Imam Ali(a.s) Quote” Never look at people who are blessed more than you . Look at people who don’t have much . You’ll always be happy” . 

He taught me compassion, the art of selflessness being kind and always being there for others . 

The other favourite of his was” when you do something for others , do not expect anything from them. Do your bit and leave it . He’s up there watching “.

All these lessons took me a long way in life to become a better human. The rest of the lessons I learnt on my onwards journey without him. 

Till we meet again. “ Happy Teachers Day to my best teacher “ . Remember when we meet again , we have a lot of catching up to do 😊

Happy Teacher’s Day!!!

 I always say this “ Mother’s are truly the first teachers . A child’s first school is his or her Mother’s lap”. 

I have been blessed with a lot of children as students . I feel teaching is the most beautiful profession in the world . Unadulterated love and devotion . Such beautiful adoration we receive . All my students have enhanced me in my teaching through their association . I owe it to them. Today as a teacher, where I am , it’s their own special Touch . 

Each of them , have left their own identity in my journey. My lesson plan of life has been completed due to each one of them. I love being a teacher to all my special lovely students . All my students are truly special .

Happy Teacher’s Day to all the wonderful moms out there!!! The teachers come later , the second moms . It’s truly you’ll who lay the foundation. We only build on it 😊. 

Love my students to the moon and back 😘

Mystery continues

 Esme woke up screaming. It was a nightmare. She was trembling. He had found her . She looked around her, there was no one . She was safe . She took a deep breath . She was breathing heavily. She drank some water . Her head was splitting. She had to put him behind her , if she wanted to start afresh . She    continuously couldn’t be  haunted by him.

She decided to move on and start right away by enjoying the cruise . 

She went in for a shower . Her scars visible  .

The ones he had left on her back . It brought the pain back momentarily. She pushed it back . Quickly got dressed . She went up and joined the other guests on the deck . The sea was calm this morning. She just let the breeze gently caress her . She made some friends over breakfast and got talking . They chatted and played few card games . 

As she was going down . A man was purposely walking towards her . The fear was coming back . She decided to brave it . She couldn’t go on like this . He was very polite . He wished her in a very clear distinctive voice “ Hi! I’m Darab . 

She replied back a bit hesitatingly “ Hi! .

He continued “ I didn’t see you last night “.

She replied “ I was feeling a bit tired . Wanted to rest a bit “.

He smiled and politely replied “ Looks like you are in a rush . Let me not keep you . We’ll meet over lunch . Hope to see you then “. 

He smiled and walked away .

She thought to herself . See this wasn’t hard . I can do it . 

Stay tuned . More coming up 

Thursday, September 3, 2020

Mysterious Esmé

 She was panting . Her heart beating wildly . She quickly climbed the deck . She stood in the dark , far from everyone. Finally ! She was away from him. She had been waiting for this , since a year. . She prayed frantically “ Please let him not find me. I have not asked you for anything. But today! Please! Just once listen to me”. The final signal and announcement was made. Finally they were moving . She took a deep breath and slid to the floor . Tired and happy . She rested for few minutes against the cold hard wood . Then slowly made her way 

towards her room . The night breeze was balmy and cool . Her red stilettos making a sound as she climbed towards her room.

Tonight she just wanted to be alone with her thoughts . Didn’t want to meet anyone . She quickly changed into her tracks and T- shirt . She ordered for a sandwich and coffee . Knowing too well , that the coffee would keep her awake for a long time . She ate and lay down . 

Listening to the sounds in the dark. The party on the deck was in full swing . Finally ,she would be in Italy . Far from him ! The tears which she had held at bay . Made their way down her cheeks . Trailing a pattern of their own . It was as if they had a will of their own . “ what hell he had given her ? How could a man be so cruel? Slowly she went back into her past . 

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

The Taste of Life


Juicy just like my Margarita 

Boring like my salad

Hot and cold like paani puri 

Tangy as Pav Bhajji 

Heavy as Gajjar ka Halwa

Creamy like Rabdi 

Melting and cascading as ice-cream

Teasing your taste buds 

Just like Qubaani ka Meetha

Round and tomatoey like 

Chole bathure

Crispy just like the Dosa

Juicy like my kabab platter 

Confusing as “ Haleem”

Totally Hyderabadi like 

Our Biryani 

Chocolately yummmy

Like my salted caramel Tart 

Lastly bitter sweet 

Just like my steaming cup of cappuccino 

How can I forget ?

Sizzling as sizzling brownie 

Positive Lens of Life

 Drop the Lens of Negativity!

Shun the Judgement!

Kill the criticism!

As long as I viewed my life with the different negative lenses , I found nothing. Only a truckload of wrong lenses. The day I threw away the lenses , I had acquired, over the time. I realised what had happened to all my own beautiful lenses. I started gathering each one of them lovingly . One by one , 

my own special positive ( negatives) . They were black and white initially . As the years went by they became colourful and vibrant . Now I have my own special Album. I love it to the core of my being . 

When I viewed my life and me with the new lens , I realised, I’m different and unique . Not made to fit into the mould of the world . Carving a new one for me altogether.

Some Random Thursday thoughts . stay safe  . 

Aleah and Aahil united finally

 Aleah and Aahil landed at Geneva Airport. As they were leaving the airport. Aahil slipped and hit his head on the pavement . He became totally unconscious. Aleah went crazy with worry. All the hurt of yester years just melting . They rushed him in the Ambulance . He was kept in the emergency for almost 48 hours . Aahil had not regained consciousness. 

Finally after 48 hours , he slowly came back to consciousness. Aleah did not leave his side for a minute . 

Finally ,when she saw Aahil giving her a faint smile, she burst into tears . All the ice within her just cascading into warm love . 

She realised it had always been Aahil for her . No wonder, she didn’t find anyone else . 

Finally they united . Aahil recovered in a few days . So thrilled . The love of his life , back in his life .

He told her jokingly “ Had I known this is all it would take , I would have fallen long ago”😉.

They hugged each other . Lost in a passionate embrace and completely lost to the world . 

Stay tuned for the next thrilling story coming up shortly .

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Aleah’s outburst

 Aleah learnt to be cordial with Aahil for the next few days . She was longing to get on with her work. She had to join them in Geneva . She was getting restless and irritable. 

The last night 

They had just finished having dinner. Aleah was packing because they were leaving next morning. The last leg of the conference was left . She was feeling much better. In her hearts of hearts , She knew it was because of Aahil. Her resentment was still strong . Her hurt deep rooted .

Aahil came forward and offered to do it . He tried to make her sit down . Just then something snapped within her . She angrily said” Can you stop babysitting me. I’m telling you for the 100 th time “.

This time Aahil lost it too. He had tried being patient with her . “ Dammit Aleah . Are you never going to forget it . Must I be punished and prosecuted for the rest of my life”.

Aleah angrily replied “ Yes! You deserve it . For what you did to me . You conveniently come waltzing back into my life . Expecting to take up from , where you left . Well I’m sorry to disappoint you . It’s not happening “.

Aahil didn’t want to fight with her any further. He just said “ We’ll see . What happens “.

Aleah was too angry to reply . She thought to herself. Nothing was going to happen.

Do you think something will happen?😉

Welcome June

 A beautiful new month! Aspiring to bring in new aspirations. Where there are aspirations there are expectations. Let’s measure our breaths ...