Friday, August 7, 2020


 A woman truly becomes unstoppable, once she realises her true worth. Firstly to discover the “ You” is no way an easy job . Discover your hidden talents.

We are all bestowed with countless ones. No one is devoid of talent. The trick is to discover them. We are all like different beautiful flowers in a bouquet. The bouquet only looks beautiful, when it has all the colours.

The creator has balanced his favourite creation beautifully. A well- balanced rational being . A multi faceted personality . We can carry out every role to perfection .

Life can never be the same at all times . It’s not constant, that’s the beauty . Humans need change to evolve . My own coined term” Dal chawal syndrome” . It means “can you have the same dish everyday” . No matter how much you like it . You are eventually going to get bored . Similarly we need healthy change to grow . We have to be exposed and tried in different circumstances. That’s when the unseen becomes visible.

Remember this , even a difficult day, just has 24 hours . Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen. Identify your calling . What brings your passion out to the forefront.

Being there for others is truly noble. But don’t forget “ you”. You matter the most. If you are contented, you will spread contentment.

It all starts with” you “ . Make it truly unique. One of it’s kind . 

Have your own signature identity.



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