Saturday, August 15, 2020

Trip to the mountains

 Aleah and Aahil left early for the mountains . They carried a picnic basket packed by the hotel . The drive was beautifully scenic . It kept getting more interesting as they kept driving up. Finally they reached the spot . They had the view of sweeping mountains.

They found a quiet spot and sat under a tree . The grass felt velvety soft under their feet. Aleah felt very relaxed and peaceful. Aahil kept watching her . She turned and questioned him “ what? 

Aahil smiled and answered “ feels like old times again “.

Aleah smiled “ Forget everything Today. I want to enjoy today fully “.

They spoke at length . Walked a bit . Took lovely pics of the mountain facades . They were total touristy today . Aleah was carefree and free spirited . Aahil was wondering , if it would be a good time to bring up the topic . He badly wanted to reconcile . But decided against doing it . He wanted Aleah to just enjoy the day .

On the way back, they stopped at that old filigree jewellery store. Aleah selected a dainty set and ring. When she went to pay . The manager smiled and said “ your husband has already paid for it “.

Aleah turned to correct him. When Aahil quickly stepped in and said “ Let’s go Aleah . We’ll get late “.

Aleah sat in the car . Not wanting to argue . She turned towards Aahil and said “ why did you pay for it “.

Aahil answered “ I just felt like buying it for you “.

Aleah replied “ Thank you . But you didn’t have to do it”.

Aahil quickly changed the topic . They got back to the hotel .

Aleah thanked Aahil and went to get ready for a cocktail dinner . Tonight was a very formal dinner . More people had come in . Tomorrow night was going to be the grand finale .

Aleah has selected a greyish silver formal coloured one piece dress . She left her damp hair in rollers . Wanting to do her hair in wind blown gypsy curls . Her dress looked awesome. She wore silver and uncut diamonds ear - rings . Smokey eyed and dazzling , she made her way down . 

The minute she entered . She was swamped with introductions . For the next hour , she was just socialising. Then they were summoned for a sit - down dinner . As the first course was being served . They were entertained by a stand - up comedian . One by one things were lined up . They were being entertained and simultaneously being served . They broke for coffee . 

Aleah took a walk near the pool . Aahil followed her and so did zuhayr . Suddenly zuhayr said “ Aleah you are still single ?.

Aleah laughed and answered “ yes !

Zuhayr said “ So am I


August Goals

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