Monday, August 3, 2020

Torn Heart

Aleah today was heading her own Multinational firm. Engrossed in her career. Her siblings and cousins were all settled . Her life was her work . Giving her the much needed solace . She traveled far and wide . Always on her  toes. Her life was perfectly sorted . She woke up went for a walk . Her day started with her favourite glass of lime juice . Reading the paper . Listening to some soothing music . Going in for her leisurely morning routine. 9.30 she would be out for work . Coming home by 4.30. Resting a bit . Her nex
t passion was her yoga class . She never gave it a miss . Her evening was spent going through the day . Connecting with her besties . Sometimes her cousins and siblings came home . Sometimes meeting her friends at the lounge . She packed her day choc a block . 

Her nightly ritual was always reading a few pages of her book. Sometimes watching a light hearted movie . Sometimes just she and her thoughts . It was nights like these , that the pain suddenly creeped and brought tears to her eyes. The pain she thought she had buried long ago . The love which she had killed. Her heart sometimes did play traitor .

The chance meeting 
The next morning Aleah was in a tearing hurry . She had a very important meeting and presentation . There were important delegates flying in from 5 countries around the globe . Her company was hosting it . She was heading it . The hotel reservations , the pick -up , drops were all planned immaculately. Aleah was a perfectionist . She liked everything to be in order . She dressed very carefully and elegantly for her meeting. She walked in to her chambers at 9.30 . A little earlier than usual . The meeting was scheduled to start at 11.30 . The board room was all set . The delegates had all arrived . Everything went on smoothly . As she was going through the presentation once more , the first delegates walked in from Australia . She got so busy in welcoming them. That she did not see the last 2 people entering the room . As she turned with a welcoming smile , her heart gave a sickening lurch “This couldn’t be happening “. “ It couldn’t be him”z After all these years . Destiny couldn’t be this cruel . She regained her composure with all the  strength she could muster . It was Mr.Afsar from Iran . He came forward shook hands . A very distnguished gentleman. He turned towards him and introduced me “ Mr.Aahil , my son in law, The CEO  of Afsar and company “. After 10 years . I was looking into those eyes . Those same eyes which had made me see dreams . Those same eyes were today the cause of my hardening heart . My faith in love and trust had shattered . Yes! Those eyes had given me the pain . 

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