Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Torn Heart sequel-1

Aleah sat in a very composed manner . She went through the whole conference. After years the anger had come back. Knocking the sails out off her . There was a slow boiling rage simmering within her . The hurt which she had kept in check . It was unnerving her . She met each and every person with poise . But just before Aahil was trying to reach her , she excused herself. 

She went home . Not in the mood to utter a word . The day kept coming back to her again and again . She took a tablet and went into a deep slumber . She woke up a little fresh . The anger was still there . She had completely forgotten. There was a formal dinner planned for tonight . It was for all the delegates. It was impossible to excuse herself. She decided , she would face it . Why did she need to run? 

Aleah looked exotically beautiful. She wore a beautiful black and white formal full length dress . Designed par excellence. It made her stand out more . She had taken time to do her hair . It felt in soft curls around her face . She had accentuated her eyes with blue , with a touch of green . She wore a beautiful blood red lipstick. She looked perfect. Calm , poised and totally in control.

The evening was proceeding beautifully. She had managed to avoid Aahil mostly . Towards the end of the night . He managed to find her alone . 
He came towards her “ Aleah ! Please give me a chance to explain.”

Aleah turned rage filled eyes “ Leave me alone Aahil . I don’t want to know anything. It’s done . It’s over “ 

Aleah turned to go away .
Aahil blocked her path .” You can’t go . You have to hear me out “.

Aleah turned furious eyes . Her whole being was trembling with rage “ Aahil , you stood me up 3 weeks before our wedding “ 
“The invitations were out . Hotels booked . Everything in place . Even my wedding gown”
“ you did not even have the courtesy to break it in person “ . “ you had the gall to send me a text message and your wedding picture”.
She was blinded by rage now . The hurt kept pouring out . She would have gone on and on . Just then someone called out to her . Aahil has no choice but to move . As she was passing him . He said “ I will speak to you. I’m not leaving this place before I speak to you . I will extend my trip .”
She turned her head haughtily and replied “ Do what you like . It doesn’t affect me” .

That night after 10 years again Aleah wept whole night . The pain was still there .
Stay tuned for more 


  1. Very nice

    U can vist my site

  2. Lovely Shireen! Let her vent all her rage out

  3. Lovely Shireen! Let her vent all her rage out

  4. Thank you Aafu ๐Ÿ˜Her rage is going to unleash further in the sequels๐Ÿ˜Š


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