Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Today and the yester years

This morning I woke up with this thought . Man can never be rested . There is always an in-built and an outward pressure to know. Technology being so rampant , this has grown more . I wonder if it’s a boon or a bane . We grew up with scarce technology. No choice of multiple channels to view . No mobile phones , mind you, the connection was still stronger .. our unwinding sessions comprised of outdoor free play . We played for hours endlessly. Enjoying every bit to the hilt . Our favourite games were seven tiles, ice n spice , catching catch , so forth and so on . We never sat for long in front of the television. Thankfully ! It was never a part of our growing up.

Spending Quality time
In reality ,we did spend hours of quality time. We read books .Enjoyed Making pen friends . Learnt the art of letter writing. Conversation skills were mastered naturally. Our connections    were deeper, truer and more real. Today the pressure is just to know.

We all turned out fine . Doing great in life . We didn’t have plush malls to entertain us . But didn’t we still manage to have fun? . We enjoyed street food and street shopping. Didn’t have the need for fancy eating places . We survived on our pocket money . At the end of the month , managed to save it too.

The value of money was taught in a very simplistic manner . We valued everything . With less , we did more.

I still remember the long queues outside the theatres . Any new good release , took us straight there . Hoping to catch the earliest show . Waiting eagerly to get the tickets . We learnt , we grew , we made it .

Today there is tremendous pressure . The pressure to excel , mounts day by day . You have to be a know all . But I seriously wonder ? Are they mastering the trade ? Or becoming masters in none ? In order to be successful, it’s like a manual is handed out to you. You are constantly running a mental - checklist of how much you have accomplished in life . 

Didn’t we all learn at our own pace and in our own time . The present generation is all the time stressed .  They are not enjoying while learning , because the sense of failure is strong.

Today we live in a make - believe world . It’s idealistic . Realism is lost .

I remember when I was doing “ Renaissance “. It was a beautiful learning experience for me too. I feel we need to go back to that . The touch with the inner self . Touch with Humanism. The connect with being a human . The sculptors and artists of that era brought out that in their art . People felt art . Shakeaspeare pioneered realistic literature. He touched on realism through his work . Literature Renaissance as it was called .

Today we need to bring it back once more “ The true connect with the soul”.

Soul connect is what we need .


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