Monday, August 24, 2020

This does Matter !

 What really matters the most in life ?

This question repeatedly plagued me as I was growing up . In different stages of life of course different things matter. Priorities change. But one thing that remained constant was care ! . Yes care ! The quintessential of life.


Childhood was not easy . It’s never easy .Mine was laced with a personal monumental tragedy. This lead to a very vital shift within me. My maturity came too soon to me . I had no choice. At that age , I learnt lessons which I probably would have learnt much later . But what lent me support and stayed with me was the love , warmth and affection portrayed by different people.


It’s usually a troubled phase . The rebel in me surged ! I learnt to master my calm much later. Again here my friends became my top priority. I sailed through this on turbulent waters of life. Sometimes I harboured , sometimes I was in the eye of the storm battling it . Love , affection and care were my anchors !.

Life continues 

After skirting through different situations, circumstances, the affection of people was what stayed .

People think it’s materialistic things which bring happiness. You need your comforts too! Tell me , today , you have all your things , Isn’t it ? Probably we are shopping a bit too. Inspite of all this what are we craving for the most ?.

To be with your loved ones .

The socialising !

A relaxed coffee evening with your friends.

The unplanned social visits . 

If you notice it’s company . Man is a social animal ! This is what we need the most and matters the most .

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