Saturday, August 22, 2020

The Rainbow

 “ How beautiful it looks !“ Exclaimed Myra .

Samar came next to her . Stood quietly by her side . Lending his quiet support to her through out . 

She turned towards him and smiled . She questioned him “ Why didn’t you leave like the rest “.?

“ I would have picked up the broken pieces of my life and put them back together myself “.

He leaned towards her and said “ I promised you , I wouldn’t be there only to watch the Rainbows with you”.

“ The storms are what , I want to brave with you “.

“ Hold you in my arms, when it’s fierce , stormy and wild “.

She had tears in her eyes “ Thank you”!

“ I still feel you should let me be “.

“ I’m strong ! I’ll manage like how I have done “.

He replied “ Then I wasn’t there ! But now I am and I have no intention of leaving you alone “.

They both came into each other’s arms . Entwined hearts and joined hands with their souls merging as one , they looked out at the beautiful rainbow in the horizon. 

The rainbow had brought them finally together 😊

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