Friday, August 14, 2020

The need for validation

 As Humans we are constantly striving to do better . We all at times look for that validation . The most important validation in all this is our “ own “ . Are you happy with yourself? Have you reached that goal ?

Set Goals 

Goals help us to chalk our path.

Assign short and long goals .

Work towards it consistently.

Do not give up

In the journey, there will always be ups and downs . Failures and success . Happiness and sorrow. It’s all a part and parcel of life .

Take time mourn your loss . Cry it out , it’s healthy. Unlike what we are conditioned to believe. Get back up again . Doubly re- charged . Aim for the highest goal.

Stay humble 

Remember the most important is to be humble . If you are blessed, share it with others . Don’t let concietment make room within you . Shun pride ! Quietly work towards your achievements.

Stay happy 

This is what is important. Is it making you happy? If it’s making you happy , you are on the right path. Do not compromise on your happiness . Never! This helps you to stay alive.

Outside validation 

Do not look for that . The world is made up of different types of people. Some will like what you do . Some may like your spirit . Some may like you . There can also be people who might not like anything about you . It’s okay . They are entitled to their likes and dislikes . You are entitled to yours .


Always be thankful, if you have been blessed. A simple thank you goes a long way . 


Never forget your million - dollar smile . It will pave the way even in Rocky terrains . 

Just be you

You are unique. There is no other like you . You are truly special . And stay that way 😊


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