Wednesday, August 26, 2020

The Light house of Humanity

 Plunged into a void

Deep Darkening tides 

Standing on the shore 

Humanity found no one

To call for Help!

Then emerged a family 

From the deserts of Arabia 

Humanity came to them

Stopped them in their tracks 

They halted the caravan 

Humanity cried ! Help Me 

Hussain got off the horse 

Cry not Humanity !

Hussain will give his life for Humanity !

Hussain gave his family 

Sacrificed each of them 

Humanity was given a new lease of Life 

The lease got granted after the Battle of Karbala !

Hussain lay wounded 

Steeped in blood of his kin 

He had 1300 wounds 

Humanity breathed a new life 

O’ the beacon of hope 

O’ Hussain Ibne Ali 

Called out Humanity 

You are truly the lighthouse 

Lighting the path 

Strewing kindness 

In the path of Humanity !

Hail ! The Light House of Humanity !

I salute you thee

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