Sunday, August 9, 2020

The chase - Torn Heart sequel 2

 Aleah was not herself next morning . The pain had hit her hard . She outback herself back together with great difficulty. Presenting a composed self to the world . She went in for the final presentation by the different companies. 

Another meeting 

Aahil was waiting for Aleah .Aleah ignored him and went straight for the meeting. The meeting took longer . Aleah sat drained . She was just going in for lunch . It had been set up in the Banquet Hall. Aahil cornered her . It left her with no choice but to speak to him . 

He asked her “ How long will you avoid me”?

Aleah answered him tautly “ Forever”

Aahil gave a resigned sigh. He pleaded with her” Just listen to me once . Please! 

Someone called out to her “ Aleah can you come here for a minute “ 

Aleah excused herself 

Lunch finished . Everyone sat for coffee .

Aleah quietly got away .

She went back home . Changed and got out to meet her friends.

The chase

Aleah was relaxing at her favourite restaurant with her friends. It was her usual group . Her old friends from school. Amaar walked in with Aahil. Aleah looked at him unblinkingly. 

Amaar came to the group and announced “ Guess who’s in town “

They were loud sounds of welcome . Leaving Aleah more irritated . 

The group shifted and there was one place free next to Aleah .

Aahil came and sat next to her . Giving her a wide , beaming smile .

Aleah ignored him . There was so much excited chatter. 

Suddenly it was like Aleah and Aahil were left alone . Totally on their own.

Aahil said “ Aleah ! I’m going to keep meeting you. You have to listen to what happened all those years ago .

Something snapped inside Aleah “ where’s your wife”?

Aahil quietly answered “ she died 3 years back”

Aleah sat stunned . 

Do you think Aahil will be able to win back Aleah . Stay tuned more.

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