Tuesday, August 11, 2020

The bitter confrontation

 Aleah reeled back in shock .

How was it possible? She turned in bewilderment and questioned “ How?

Aahil went on to narrate . My parents were very happy with our match . “ Truly Aleah . I’m not lying . They genuinely liked you . They were as eager as me .  Destiny played a cruel hand . 

My dad’s friend Mr Afsar , who you met . She nodded . He continued . His wife was battlin with cancer . Their only daughter “ Zarin. Was still unmarried . 3 weeks before our wedding, Zarin’s mother passed away . She made my parents promise her that if she died , they would take zarin as their daughter in law . My parents were helpless . They wanted to explain to her once she got a little better. Next morning she passed away . 

I still told them , I wouldn’t do it . But their constant pressure made me succumb to it . 

I’m not in any way justifying it . This is the truth . Let us trying working it out once more .

Aleah sat quietly . She turned to him and said” you have explained what happened. True ! But aren’t you a little late . 

10 years back you jilted me almost at the altar . How did you explain it ?

“ Just a text message and your wedding picture”.

Think Is that what I deserved .

Now after 10 years you conveniently come waltzing back into my life . Ready to take up from where you left ?

“ Did I even cross your mind in the last 10 years?

What could have happened with me ? 

I could have been married too. I can be in a relationship. 

Even if I’m not . Sorry to disappoint you . 

I’m not available. I’m definitely not interested.

Aahil put a hand on her wrist . Stopping her from making an untimely exit. 

Aleah looked at him pointedly . He let go of her hand .

She got up . Bid all her friends good night and left .

Aahil called her while she was driving back home . 

Aleah answered him “ yes”

Aahil pleaded with her” Don’t do this to us . Please Aleah! 

She snapped at him” Aahil there is no us”

Get that once in your mind .

She disconnected the call . 

She got home and straight into bed .

Too exhausted to even think .

She felt into a deep slumber.

Woke up suddenly . Tried going back to sleep .

She kept dreaming about Aahil . 

She woke up next morning in a bad mood . 

She had an afternoon flight to catch . She was traveling with all of them for another conference. 

The coming week was a busy week . She quickly packed . Popped a headache tablet . Got dressed and headed for the airport. 

They all boarded the flight together. There were 20 of them . 

As she settled in her window seat . She wanted to groan , shout and scream . Aahil came and settled next to her . Giving her his sweet smile. The one she loved the most . 

He smiled and asked her “ what’s the plan ?

She turned an angry gaze towards him. 

He smiled and said “ Just checking ! 

She turned and buried herself in her book . 

What do you think happens next ? Stay tuned 


  1. Intresting and tuned up for next what happened.

  2. Curious to know! Jaldi bolo!!πŸ™Š

  3. @ Almas I have already written the following 2 sequels. You can check it on my blog 😊


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