Tuesday, August 18, 2020

The Banquet Dinner

 Aleah was in a bad mood . Aahil had made her  very angry . She went for a massage to lighten her mood. She came back took a nap and woke up refreshed. She was excited to wear her outfit. It was designed by her favourite designer . It was a stunning shade of red, a warm blood red . She did her hair in tight spiral curls . Dark smokey eyes and a lovely shade of red , glistened her lips . Her straight ankle length gown was held by spaghetti straps and a short sequenced silverish gold added glitter to the outfit. Her feet were donned in cross cross scrappy heels . Long Swarovski hoops decorated her ears . All Set ! She made her way to the Banquet Dinner . It was held at another convention centre. The cab was waiting down for her . As she went to sit in the cab , Zuhayr was leaving too.

He called out to her “ Aleah you can ride with me “.

She heard Aahil’s voice from behind her “Zuhayr she’s coming with me. Thank you Buddy ! She’ll ride with me “.

Before Aleah could say something, Aahil had made her sit in the car .  Zuhayr drove with his friends.

Aleah turned angry glittering eyes at him” What are you doing? Who gave you the right to decide for me”.

Aahil gave her a slow smile “Sweetheart you look stunning tonight. Forget everything and let’s enjoy ourselves.” He leaned towards Aleah and planted a kiss on her cheek .

Aleah was getting madder by the second.

The Banquet dinner was an opulent affair . It was screaming of style . Aleah immediately got busy in socialising .She met many of her friends. Enjoying herself thoroughly. She danced with two , three of her friends. There was a feast laddened out . Aleah quietly sneaked towards the dessert table. She took her Dessert and strolled in the lawns . The weather was beautiful. She found the gazebo open . She went in and sat . In the dim shadows , thrown by the lanterns, there was a different kind of peace. She sat lost in her world . Just her  thoughts to keep her company. Suddenly she felt someone playing with her hair . She turned with a fright . It was Aahil . He said “ Relax! It’s me”.

He had that slow , lazy smile , the one she had loved the most . He sat down quietly next to her .

After a few minutes , he broke the silence. He said quietly “ Aleah stop fighting . Let’s get back together. I still love you . In all these years , I have never stopped loving you . Not even for a heartbeat!

Those simple quiet words broke the ice within her . She still kept the brave front on .

Suddenly Aahil pulled her towards him and kissed her like there was no tomorrow. They broke for air . She just leaned her head on his shoulder. Suddenly very tired . Aahil enveloped her in his arms .

What do you think Aleah decides ?

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