Sunday, August 9, 2020

Self -care

 How does self -care look? 

Taking care of you . In this I mean , of course the skin care , Hair care , and the emotional you .

Take care of your thoughts . Nurture them . Feed your soul. Identify  what sets it on fire . 

Skin -care

Take your vitamins .

Use all your natural oils .

Sun-screen is a must .

Go back to your Grand -Mother’s Herbal gave washes and scrubs .

Use Almond oil,, grapeseed oil and an essential oil after your shower . Dab it gently all over . Wipe it with a Damp towel. Keeps the skin soft , moist and sparkling .

This weather ruins your hair . Use a mix of Almond oil, castor oil , Coconut oil and olive oil in equal quantities. Let it sit for sometime with curry leaves . Warm and apply it as frequently as possible. Leaves your hair lustrous , bouncy and healthy .

The list is endless.

“ Back to Nature “ should be the mantra for the coming few months .

Soul - food 

What excites your soul? Identify it. Work towards it . Work on your calling . Take the first step. Start , work towards it and build it slowly . 

Don’t be in a rush . There might be failures . There might be small wins . Take the world in your stride . After all “ Rome was not built in a day “ .

Feed your soul , what it needs the most .

Look good feel good . If you want to conquer, you have to feel good about yourself. A feel good woman can do much more . It helps you in emerging into the Best version of yourself. 

You are a complete package . From your skin care , to hair care , your soul and your emotions . All help you in becoming the Best . 

All the Best Lovelies!!! Do your best . Carve a niche for yourself out there . Nothing let you stop ๐Ÿ˜Š


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