Wednesday, August 12, 2020

OMG!!! I need make -up!

 OMG! The sale was to die for seriously wailed Jasmine.

Her friends gave her their all knowing smile . They all cried out to her in unison “ Last week didn’t you buy ?

She answered sheepishly “ That was something else “.

She cried out to them” we have to go . We can’t be missing it. It’s the best sale.”

They all met at the make - up store . 

“ Forced Indulgence “

They all loved to call it . Not that each one of them didn’t want to secretly buy more.

They went crazy at the store . Buying to their hearts fill.

Jasmine came to them excitedly and asked “ How’s the sale?

“ Jasmine! It’s awesome “

They shopped and shopped.

Breaking for coffee at their favourite coffee shop .

One by one they all began to say . “ Honestly . I don’t think I need all this “.

The regret started . But mind you it was short lived and purely half - hearted.

But the others justified it saying “ That’ Okay . You don’t have that exact shade . You had to get this one “.

They were happy in their world of Make - up shopping, coffee and catching an early show at the theatre.

They needed this time together. To re- charge and unwind .

Doesn’t Jasmine sound familiar ?.

Don’t we all suddenly realise, during make-up sales?.

Somehow then we absolutely have no make -up, Isn’t it?.

We need that new shade of lipstick. The eye- liner on the sale rack , is just the shade I need”

Countless excuses 😁😁


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