Thursday, August 20, 2020

Note to oneself

 I always spoke to myself. Since the time I have initiated this practice in my daily routine , it has helped tremendously. 

Note to Myself:

1) Wake up with a Grateful heart.

2) Let go of your yesterday. I know easier said than done .

3) Have a smile as you wake - up . It definitely changes your demeanour .

4) Get some form of exercise in you morning routine .

5) Meditating for even 5 minutes helps greatly.

6) Mentally check- list your blessings.

7) Read an Inspirational  or Motivational Quote , short snippet. 

8) Allot some Me- time . You definitely need it.

9) Listen to music , if it helps you to focus better .

10) The key is to identify , what works for you.

11) My favourite line” Always believe that something wonderful is going to happen “.

12) The days you don’t feel your 100% , Respect those days too. 

13) We are humans with different moods . “ Everyday is not a Sunday”. 

14) Do whatever you do with your fullest being .

15) Leave your good vibes wherever you go .

16) Long after you leave the room, let your energy left behind continue Speaking. 

Stay blessed and stay safe lovelies 😊

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