Sunday, August 16, 2020

Lessons learnt in the Pandemic

 It came sweeping tearing us from Normalcy. Throwing us in the tsunami of uncertainty. He introduced Himself as the “ Pandemic “.

When I regained my footing . Instead of defying and fighting . We both started understanding each other . I started learning a lot of important lessons :

1) Do not take life for granted.

2) Every moment is precious .

3) Every memorable moment spent with loved ones is priceless.

4) Always be prepared for the best laid plans to go haywire.

5) Have faith it’s going to get better soon.

6) do not postpone anything for tomorrow.

7) Today is what we have and it all that is promised and true.

8) Don’t wait for things to happen. It’s it’s not happening, then try making it happen.

9) The ones who love you selflessly are the best . They will always be there for you .

10) Always be there for people. Your silent support could mean a lot to someone.

11) Life is a journey. Anything is possible. 

12) Live your best in each moment . 

Live in the present! Live in the moment .

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