Monday, August 3, 2020

Leila’s Bridal shower

The girls were at the villa . The event manager had outdone himself . The beach was completely transformed. It looked straight out of an Arabian story scene . Her friends and cousins were awestruck . The make -up artist , the dress designer were busy getting the girls ready for the party tonight . There was pure unadulterated excitement . The soft Arabian music playing lilting tunes . The girls looked totally transformed . They looked like different princesses from the Arabian nights. The food was just perfect . From the starters to the main course . They took pictures . Danced the night away . Fun games were played . No one was in the mood to sleep . The party broke somewhere around dawn .

Arad’s Bachelorette party 
They were having a wonderful time at the hotel. A private party with dancing and music had been planned . Excited chatter , jokes and a lot of tips were being handed out freely . The soon to be bridegroom was teased . So many games were being played . The next day’s fun was also being planned in advance. After a whole night of partying and eating . They fell exhaustedly in bed . Ready to call it a night rather morning. It was almost 8 when they slept .

Both the parties deep in slumber . Let’s wait for the D-Day . 2 days in Isphahan.

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