Saturday, August 22, 2020


 A beautiful picturesque village set on the banks . I still remember my first Moharram . We had gone excitedly from Kuwait. 

I would like to relive my memories from the eyes of an eight year old . We had stayed in our  kothi( ancestral family house ) built lovingly by my grandfather , Syed Saeed Hasan . That was my first trip . I was thoroughly excited. There was a well in the small courtyard . All my cousins were there . I had a lot of company.

I explored my village on the first day itself. Out in the fields , free spirited , it was magnificent. My father was a bit apprehensive how we would adjust . But we loved it so much . He breathed a sigh of relief . We just became one . My brothers would venture out with my dad or uncles for family prayer meets.

I would enjoy with my cousins . Visiting house to house and being given immense love and warmth . Everything was so pure and unadulterated from love to food . Every morning fresh produce would come from our fields . The carrots and radish so sweet and had a flavour of their own . 

On the big nights we would be out whole night. Coming near Dawn , then again out in the afternoon. Our kothi would be alive . People coming to meet my dad . We would sit and reminisce over yester years . I would love listening to the stories .

My Dad

He was the undisputed favourite of them all. His humour and the pranks he had played on everyone as he was growing up. He would become sheepish sometimes . Sometimes he would break out into a loud Guffaw. How I had loved listening to it all. 

Unfortunately that was the last year I had visited with him. The following year he passed away . I still feel his whole heart and spirit is in kalanpur the first 10 days .

Some memories from my childhood which I cherish till today . 


  1. Reading through this it so well written that I lived through them along with you.

  2. Thank you so much 😊Really appreciate it .


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