Saturday, August 22, 2020

Hardest Lessons

 The hardest and the most important lessons in life are usually learnt alone . Why then do we seek for company . It’s school of life . It teaches us numerous lessons,.through ,various circumstances and experiences. Those in turn make us more knowledgeable. I don’t mean the academic knowledge, the knowledge of living life.

The lessons I learnt from life:

Be kind 

Kindness costs nothing. You’ll must be thinking so cliche . But deep down think! Does it really cost anything. Your kindness will make a room in someone’s heart long after you have gone .


This is my favourite. No matter how life has been . Convert negative into positive. It’s very hard . Let bygones be bygones . See what you can do next and for whom.


Never depend on anyone in life . Always be self- reliant . The more independent you are the faster you’ll learn .

Flow with the tide 

Take each day as it comes. Don’t fight life . If certain things are destined for you , experience it. 

Value the ones who love you

Today in this world of masked identities, very few will love you selflessly . The ones who do keep them close . They are priceless beyond imagination. 

Just live life !! Don’t know when the final call will come . So enjoy till then 😊

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