Saturday, August 1, 2020

Essence of Friendship

The need for being understood is always paramount in a human being . We like to be accepted , understood and loved . Every relation comes with its own challenges. Human is a complex being. We go through various upheavals, emotions and feelings. The biggest obstacle is, that nothing is consistent too. Life is subject to change . Anything can happen at any time . No matter how hard we prepare ourselves, we do give in to our emotions .

Essence of friendship 
The ones who love you unconditionally. Who stand by you, no matter what . You can be your true self at all times . The perfect sound box you need . If it’s 2 am in the morning, they are still there . They are the first people who come to your mind . Sometimes you don’t even have to say anything. They lend their quiet support . The best support system you can find . 

Friendship is rare 
Friends are again of different types : 
Coffee friends 
Who often meet over coffee and unwind together.

Book club friends 
They share similar interests.
Old school friends 
These are the ones who have been with you the longest . From school , if you are lucky till college . They have literally grown up with you .

College friends
Who have been to college with you . These friends come at a time in life , when you are more maturer . These friends too go a long way.

Gym friends 
These are friends who share the same passion like yours . The idea of staying fit and healthy is shared by you’ll.

Cousins turned Friends 
You grew up together. Shared so many beautiful moments and have countless memories. Over the time they become your friends too.

Community friends 
This friendship emerges from shared community gatherings. Often meeting each other at the same gathering. A beautiful bond is made and they become one of your closest friends .

Work -place friends 
These people stand by you and support you at work . The bond is strengthened by helping each other and learning from each other .

Best friends , soul sis or the besties 
They just know you better than yourself. You’ll are inseparable. You’ll fight , cry , laugh together. Share every minutest details of your life . 

Friendship is one of the most beautiful expressions of unconditional love . In the words of Shireen Haider” I rather have a best friend who I can pour my soul to. Then a supposed undying love .” 

Stay safe# stay blessed 😊

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