Monday, August 3, 2020

Drop the judgement

As humans we are conditioned thoroughly . Ready to think the worst mostly . Instantly If something goes wrong , we lean more towards negativity. It takes a supreme effort to induce positivity   But believe me, it’s a tried and tested. The day I dropped negativity. Only had nice things to think . My day went on smoothly. The day it was filled with negativity and criticism, it was the worst day .

This is the worst habit . It’s very easy to reprimand and tell people off. But it’s very difficult to politely explain to them . The sweeter your tone , the faster the work . Who doesn’t like to be spoken lovingly and politely. Practice the polite pause . Take a deep breath and introduce a loving pause . Half your worries will vanish . This brings down a lot of psycho- somatic problems too.

Drop it like a ton of hot bricks . Literally! This is the worst possible habit . Each is fighting a battle unknown. Always give them a benefit of doubt . We do not know the circumstances. Who are we firstly to judge . Are you perfect ? Today we are living in a picture perfect world . Just beautifully make - believe. Detached and devoid of reality . Let each one just be . Your role is to be there . Make people feel good . 

Practice this throughout the day . Keep sending a silentt thanks up there . Besides your set prayer time . Learn to start thanking , instead of complaining. See how your life changes magically. 

Your vibe should introduce you , before you enter a room . Your presence should be missed long after you have left it . Become so indispensable, that the world needs you . Just keep spreading your calmness. Today the world is a troubled place . Be loving , caring and compassionate. 


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