Thursday, August 27, 2020


 The power of believing ! Yes! It’s truly powerful. Once you start believing , it starts happening.

Faith and belief are the two quintessentials of life . It gives us the support and strength to achieving more . The desire to excel .

Life will never be the same and cannot be . To brave different things you have to draw on your strength reserves . 

Strength usually has different faces . Each one’s strength endurance is displayed differently . Always be supportive and kind . 

But our beliefs give us the strength to endure and fight . 

The power of now . Do what you have to in the present moment . Love and live each moment to it’s best . 

My favourite line “ He never gives more than what you can endure or bear “.

Keep the faith ! Keep the strength !.

“Battles are fought and won to show us our true strength “ Shireen Haider 

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