Friday, August 14, 2020

Aleah’s stubborn spirit

 They got busy with work during the day and with dinner’s during the evening ‘s .

Aleah excused herself on the third day and went for sight seeing . She enjoyed herself. Went to check out some Antiques too. Istanbul was just too beautiful. She was lost in enjoying herself. Suddenly her phone rang . Not again ! 

It was Aahil . She deliberately ignored the phone call . Kept on shopping . She stopped at a quaint little coffee shop . Tucked inside the street. Done up very cutely in Turkish style . They had excellent “ khawa and kunafa “ .

The girl behind the counter was very friendly. She urged Aleah to try one more Pastry . The speciality of the day . She lost track of time and kept chatting with her . She very sweetly offered to take her to a Turkish costume jewellery store . Renowned in the area for its unusual designs . Once her mother was back . She took Aleah to that store . Aleah found cute traditional necklaces , bracelets and rings . She was crazy about rings . She enjoyed herself. It was almost 6.30 in the evening. She had to head back to the hotel . She had to get dressed for dinner . She called her cab driver . He was waiting at the end of the street . They reached the hotel by 7 . The dinner was scheduled for 9. They were expecting a group of out station officials . She thanked the cab driver and was walking towards the elevators. 

She saw Aahil coming towards her . Looking upset and angry . He stopped in front of her . He took off on her “ Are you crazy ? Insane !

Aleah lost it too . Her good mood vanishing “ Excuse me . What are you saying?

Aahil answered tightly “ I have been calling you since afternoon. Have left atleast 50 text messages . You don’t even bother to check your phone . Why do you carry it then ?”.

Aleah was angry too “ what did you want ? 

“ what was so urgent ? That it couldn’t wait till evening “. 

He answered “ I was getting worried about you . I was going to leave the hotel to check on you. I was getting the cab driver ‘s Number. Just then you walked in “.

Aleah was seething “ How many times do I have to remind you ? I’m am not your responsibility. Leave me alone . Stop baby sitting me”.

Saying this , she went into the elevator and headed straight for her room . She was mad at him. This man was the most annoying on earth. Why couldn’t he leave her alone. 

Aleah did not waste any more time and headed for a long soak in the tub . Washing away the day’s dust and grime . She quickly got ready . It was almost nine when she had finished dressing. She wore a straight A-line cut white one piece dress . She wore a dainty filigree thin necklace of rubies , gold and diamonds. She wore matching bracelet and a delicate ring . She left her hair in a messy bun . She wore thin long ear- rings . She had done her eyes in smokey green and wore a warm red lipstick. She was not going to let Aahil affect her . 

She went down . Not realising , she looked breathtakingly beautiful. People just kept turning and looking at her . She was introduced to the officials, who had just come in by the evening flight . She spoke to them for sometime. She was circulating and meeting everyone. 

She was suddenly very thirsty . She went in search of drinks . She wanted to have a good mocktail. Suddenly she heard someone calling her . She turned her face  broke out in a wide smile . It was zohyer , her childhood friend. They both hugged each other . They both tried speaking at the same time . Zohyer became quiet . 

Aleah asked him “ what are you doing here ?.

He said “ I would like to ask you the same “.

They both explained. He was representing his father’s company . They got talking. Just then Aahil came . Zohyer was happy to see him too . They had gone to college together. They got talking. Aleah was still upset with Aahil . She was ignoring him . Just then Zohyer was called . He excused himself and went to meet someone.

Aahil broke the silence “ You look specially beautiful tonight “.

Aleah manners never left her . Even when she was angry, she was still the epitome of politeness “ Thank you “.

She inturn told him “ you look good too”.

He laughed “ Thank you ! That’s big coming from you “.

Aleah burst out laughing . Lightening the mood . 

Aahil asked her “Can I ask you for a favour “?

Aleah replied “ Sure ! Shoot “.

Aahil said” There’s a beautiful place in the mountains . It’s the most scenic and picturesque in the whole of Turkey . Will you come with me . I’ll take care of the arrangements.. There’s a beautiful filigree Antique Gold Shop too. Don’t say no . Please”.

Aleah didn’t have the heart to say no . She agreed with a smile .

Do you think Aleah is thawing . Do you think Aahil will be able to melt her . Stay tuned for more excitement in the coming sequels😉


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    1. Aleah is my favourite character🙈and your words describe her more beautifully🤩😘


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