Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Aleah’s Fall

 Their conference finished early . They all decided to head out for some sight seeing right after an early lunch . They quickly finished their lunch and headed out for their tour . 

Old walking Tour 

They toured the old town on foot . A very interesting experience. The experiences of yester years came alive . They stopped at an old cafe . Enjoyed their Delicacies . 

Art Museum 

They saw some beautiful Masterpieces in the iconic Art Museum. It was exquisite and beautiful. They were Awestruck by their beauty . 

Lake Zurich cruise

This was the most exciting. They were going to take a late evening cruise and have dinner too and then head back to the hotel. They were thoroughly enjoying themselves. There was a live band . Beautiful numbers were being belted out by the band . Some people were narrating interesting anecdotes. Aleah was totally enjoying herself. Sitting in the corner with the breeze playing with her hair . Thank God ! Aahil had not once made an attempt to speak to her . Good Riddance ! She thought to herself. No longer had she thought to herself, when Aahil came and sat next to her . 

She thought “ Speak of  the devil and the devil is here”.

Aahil said “ Hi Aleah ! 

She replied back “ Hi!

They spoke about few things . By then dinner was served . It was time to head back . Just as Aleah was getting off , she slipped on water . Instantly falling and twisting her ankle . She let out a painful cry . Instantly Aahil was by her side . He didn’t wait . He picked her up and headed straight for the hotel. On the way he asked the hotel to arrange for a doctor . Aleah was in a lot of pain . She was quickly taken to her room . Aahil gently placed her on the bed . The doctor checked her , bandaged her foot . He said thankfully there’s no fracture . She needed complete bed rest for a week atleast . 

Aahil saw the doctor to the door . He came in and told Aleah he was just going upto his room to change . He would come back and keep a watch on her . She told him clearly that she didn’t need any assistance. She could manage on her own . 

Aahil came back and rested in the living room. He kept coming and checking up on Aleah . The doctor had told him she could be running a temperature later on . Towards morning Aleah was shivering . Aahil checked her temperature, it was over 100. He gave her medication and waited till she slept again. 

Stay tuned for  more 😉Do you think Aleah will finally melt ?

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