Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Aleah’s Answer

Aleah quickly pulled herself together. What was she thinking, she thought to herself. Is she insane?.

She got up and started walking away .

 .Leaving Aahil confused .

He called out to her “ What happened? And made to slowly get up “.

Aleah kept walking away . 

Aahil quickly caught up to her . Stopping Aleah .

Aleah whirled around and answered “ What do you think Aahil? . You are going to waltz back and expect to pick up from where you conveniently left at “.

Aleah continued angrily “ No Aahil! It doesn’t happen like that “.

Just then someone called out “Hi Handsome ! Where have you been hiding ?”..

Aahil sweared under his breath . He didn’t need this now . 

Aleah didn’t even bother to wait . She briskly walked inside the Convention hall.

Zuhayr and some of her friends were calling out to her . She went and joined them. Mulling over the sequence of events. 

Aahil and his lady friend walked in . She was a very attractive woman . She was almost leaning into Aahil and walking in . 

Zuhayr invited Aleah for a dance . They started dancing on a slow number . 

Aahil and his lady friend too joined . 

What do you think unfolds ? Stay tuned . More excitement to follow .


August Goals

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