Saturday, August 22, 2020

Aleah’s Aahil’s Cold War

 They danced away into the night. Both with different partners. Totally and completely ignoring each other .

Aleah woke up unusually late the next morning. She quickly got dressed and went down for breakfast. As she entered, she saw Aahil and his lady friend in deep conversation. She completely ignored them and went for her breakfast.

She had fruit , toast and coffee. She was quickly drawing a mental check- list of what she had to do . They were leaving for Switzerland in few hours . 

Zuhayr called out to her “ Good Morning Aleah ! Mind if I join you “.

Aleah wished him “ Good Morning to you too . Please do”.

They both spoke for sometime.

Just then they were informed that they would have to leave for the airport in 2 hours .

Aleah excused herself and went up to her room to do her last minute packing. She had to pick few things on the way to the airport. She checked out a little earlier from the hotel.

She stopped in 2,3 places before finally heading out to the airport. She would miss Turkey. This place had grown on her . Specially her Sheesha session with her friend. The one from the cafe, she was a sweet person. Maybe she could come back with her family.

As she was walking into the Airport, Aahil greeted her “ Hi !

She replied back “ Hi!. Very matter of fact . 

Aahil “ What happened? Why this cold treatment “.

Aleah replied smiling succinctly “ You were busy “.

Aahil was in the mood to tease her a little further.

He replied back “ Yes that I was “.

Aleah ignored him.

Aahil continued “ Are you jealous ?”.

Aleah lost her cool “ In your dreams “ . She snapped at him.

Aleah deliberately pushed him with her pull man and turned back and asked him sweetly “ Did I hurt you by any chance ?”.

She didn’t wait for his reply . Kept walking on.

She had just strapped her seat belt , when Aahil walked past . 

He stopped by and replied “ yes ! You did hurt me .”

Aleah instantly replied “ No where close to how much you have done “.

Zuhayr came and sat next to her .

Aahil was sitting next to his lady friend. She was glued to him.

Switzerland here come Aahil and Aleah 😊

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