Monday, August 24, 2020

Aleah and Aahil’s Zurich Musings

 Aleah loved Zurich . Her favourite place in the world . She was a passionate traveler . They quickly left the airport and were heading straight to “ The Dolder Grand “. True to it’s name it was very grand . It’s Spa was well known far and wide . Aleah was excited to get to the Spa as soon as possible. They had already booked hers . 

She checked in quickly and headed straight to the spa. She got the famous cold stone massage followed by a hot oil massage , steam , full body scrub . She came out happy, sparkly and squeaky clean. She headed to her room and dropped into a deep dreamless sleep . She woke up happy and cheerful. Just then her phone rang . She answered on the second ring . It was Zuhayr “ Hey ! Sleepy head where are you ?.

Aleah answered with a laugh “ I just woke up ! In my room “ .

Zuhayr informed her that they were going for a walk and then heading to an outdoor restaurant for food . Everyone was gathering by 8 in the lobby . Aleah hung up and quickly got up to get dressed . It was nearly 7 . 

She decided to dress casually in her favourite pair of black jeans , a fitted red top and a lacy black shrug to complete the outfit . She was in a touristy mood . She wore flats . She wanted to be comfortable while walking. 

She came down in time . They quickly exchanged pleasantries and headed out . Aleah sat with Zuhayr , enjoying the open roof , sports car drive . It felt so good to feel the wind in her hair and on her face . They drove past the lake . Stopping a little further . Walked a bit , took some lovely pics . It was a big group , of almost 40 people. They all decided to come during the day . They had a conference lined up in the morning. They would have to come in the afternoon. They drove to the open air restaurant. 

Aleah was just settling down in her seat . When Aahil promptly came and sat next to her . There was another lady sitting on her left. Aahil smiled at her . Aleah gave him a half hearted smile . 

Aahil questioned her” where were you all afternoon?.”

I didn’t see you at all.

Aleah told him “ At the Spa”.

Aahil was in the mood to irritate her “ You don’t waste any time , Do you “?.

Aleah was getting irritated. Just then the starters were served . After that Aleah ignored him. 

The desserts were mouth watering . They lingered on over coffee . Enjoying the place . It was quite late . They all decided to call it a night . 

Aleah was going to go back with Zuhayr . She went looking for him. Just then she found out , Zuhayr had already left . 

Aahil came towards her” I told Zuhayr to leave . I told him you will be going back with me”.

Aleah lost it “ How dare you decide for me ? Who gave you the right “?.

She reluctantly sat without speaking to him at all .

Aahil loved irritating her . Her eyes turned brilliant with that angry tint . Deep down he was smiling to himself. 

Aleah got off the car without stopping.

Aahil called out to her sweetly “ Good Night Sweetheart! Sleep tight”.

Aleah muttered something under her breath and headed straight to her room. 

Stay tuned Zurich Musings might turn volatile 😜


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