Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Ahle Baith’s Bud

 A dewy bud 

All of 6 months

Came along with 

All of them 

In the scorching heat 

To the land 

Called Karbala 

He weathered the scorching heat 

Not once did he complain

His thirst spoke for itself 

And he decided to fight his own case

With parched lips and tired eyes

He pleaded his case

Under the hot sun 

In the desert plains 

Of Nainawa

They listened to his case 

Thought for sometime 

And Instead of water 

Seared his neck with 

A three headed Iron arrow 

He did not complain

Did not whimper 

He thought to himself 

While he was taking his 

Last breath ! 

My father is already 

So saddened and tired 

He quietly with a smile 

Bid farewell to one and All

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