Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Aahil’s Love

 Aleah ignored him throughout the flight . Aahil let her be . Just before landing, he woke her up . She was groggy but quickly put herself together again. They landed in Turkey . They drove straight to Ramada Istanbul Asia Hotel . They quickly checked in . Aahil called out to Aleah “ Let me know if you need anything. I’ll be around “.

Aleah the epitome of politeness “ Thank you 😊.

Though she was seething with hidden rage.

She rested . Got dressed . Had a light brunch . The meeting was going to take long . She wanted to be her Best Active self .

She smiled and left for the Banquet hall. 

Aahil was waiting for her at the entrance. She gave an inward groan . Why couldn’t he just disappear from the face of earth . 

He greeted her with a smile and a truly heartfelt compliment “ You look beautiful as ever “.

She said “ Thank you “ and walked in . 

For once she didn’t want her perfect convent education to come to the forefront. Why couldn’t she be impolite and rude. 

The next few hours flew in presentations. By 

the end of it Aleah was totally drained . She was envisaging , the tub filled with warm water . She was suddenly bone weary . 

As they were dispersing. She also quickly left for her room . Took a long soak in the tub . After that she just fell into a deep dreamless sleep . Suddenly she was rudely awakened by the loud knock on her door . 

Aahil was calling out to her” Aleah are you alright ? open the door .

She quickly jumped from the bed and opened the door . 

Aahil held his breath . She looked so alluring all sleep kissed .

She answered “ what happened? Where’s the fire ?

Aahil Answered “ I have been calling you . You were not answering your phone . I have been knocking since the last 15 minutes . So I got worried.

Aleah turned angrily at him “ why ? Why do you have to get worried. I can take care of myself. Like I have done for the last 10 years. I don’t need you to baby sit me now “.

Aahil he ignored the comment . Instead reminded her to get ready for dinner .

Aleah nodded and closed the door . 

She got ready in record time . But still managed to look her best . She wore a peachy pink flown dress . Skimming her ankles . Silverish golden kitten heels dressed her feet . She just wore elegant pear drops and a thin dainty looking bracelet. She was ready . She wore her favourite perfume, Jadore.

She took her clutch and locked the door . 

Aahil met her near the elevator. He whistled softly . 

Aleah turned and looked at him angrily . 

Aahil answered “ Now what did I do “?

He sighed “ Women can never be understood “ 

Stay tuned for more .


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