Sunday, August 16, 2020

Aahil’s Jealousy

 Aahil overheard Zuhayr’s comment .

His whole demeanour underwent a change . He was filled with insane jealousy.

He quietly came and stood next to Zuhayr . He gave a stiff smile to Zuhayr. Zuhayr was sounding very happy .

Aleah was looking totally relaxed in his company, which was driving Aahil further mad with jealousy.

He quickly took Zuhayr on the pretext of introducing him to someone. Aleah was enjoying the cheese mushroom tarts and the music . She was lightly swaying to it’s beat .

Aahil came and firmly took hold of her wrist. Then took her towards the floor . He held her in his arms and forced Aleah to join in the beat.

Aahil was holding himself with a very thin thread of patience.

Aleah looked upto him. She was almost 5’ 8. Drawn to her full height, she had to still look upto Aahil. She questioned him “ what happened?.”

Aahil answered stiffly “ Nothing “.

After a momentary silence he answered “ what was Zuhayr telling you? “.

Aleah answered “ He was asking me if I’m single “ . She answered with a mischievous twinkle .

Aahil said “ And you said , you are single “.

Aleah smiled brightly and said yes! Of course , I am “.

Aahil muttered “ Not anymore “.

Aleah turned and was about to question him, When Zuhayr came . 

He wanted to dance with her again . He came and re-claimed her back .

Aahil stiffly walked away . He was watching them begrudgingly.

Aleah and Zuhayr were busy sharing anecdotes. They were both laughing and enjoying themselves to the hilt .

Aahil was raging .

Aleah excused herself. She was famished . She went in search of food .

The Buffet table was laden with food .Aahil came next to her and said “ Looks like you are enjoying yourself a lot “.

She answered at once “ Yes!”.

Aahil waited for her to finish eating .

It was quite late . Aleah was heading back to her room . Aahil came to escort her . At the door , Aleah turned to bid good night. When Aahil suddenly took her in his arms and kissed her passionately. Aleah went momentarily stunned . She pulled herself back together and almost ran into her room . She shut the door and sat in the dark for a long time . What jolted her was that she enjoyed the kiss and she was still in love with Aahil . 

She wowed to do something about it . She decided what she was going to do . 

What do you think Aleah does ?😉


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