Sunday, August 30, 2020

Aahil ‘s Care

 Aleah became even more sick . She was delerious most of the time . It was Aahil’s continued effort which nursed her back to health. She finally had the energy to sit up after almost 4 days . The rest had all left . They were suppose to join them for the next leg of the journey . Aahil stayed back with Aleah . She was able to hobble a bit now but the doctor had still advised complete rest . 

Aleah was in a particularly snappy mood . Aahil asked her to keep having soups and 

juices to regain her strength. She snapped at him “ Why did you stay back? .You should have left “.

Aahil replied calmly “ Leaving you Alone ?. In a semi - conscious state .”.

Aleah replied “ Yes!. I have repeatedly told you , I can take care of myself. What part of it do you not understand “.

He replied back very calmly “ The part where you sprained your ankle , then had fever and lastly “ No one with you and no one to take care of you “.

Aleah snapped back “ you don’t have to appoint yourself as my guardian angel. Thank you very much . I don’t need anyone “.

Aahil let her be . He changed the topic and she mellowed down. They learnt to be cordial with each other . 

What do you think happens next ? Will Aahil be able to melt her finally? 😉

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