Monday, August 17, 2020

Aahil and Aleah ‘s Argument

 Next morning Aleah woke up early . She went for her early morning yoga class . On the way back she met Zuhayr . They both had breakfast together. Zuhayr invited her for some local sight seeing tour . Aleah readily agreed . She got dressed quickly and left .

Aahil was busy till noon with his meetings. Tonight they were having a Banquet dinner for 300 guests . He was overseeing the arrangements. In 2 days , they were leaving for Switzerland for the next part of the journey.He was wondering, since morning he hadn’t seen Aleah . Was she unwell? . This new thought worried him. He called up the room, there was no answer. As usual her mobile kept ringing.

Aahil grew exasperated and muttered “I don’t understand! Why does this woman keeps phone ?When she has no intention of answering.

Aahil tried asking one or two people, if they had seen her . No one had an idea . Suddenly he thought of Zuhayr . He might know. Just then Zuhayr’s friend came in asking for him. The receptionist informed him that he was going to be out till evening. Aahil immediately called Zuhayr .

Zuhayr answered after a few rings . Aahil asked him” Zuhayr is Aleah with you ?”.

Zuhayr told him that she was with him.

Aahil was furious. He was thundering. He politely hung up. He couldn’t concentrate on his work. Pacing the lobby restlessly. Finally around 5 they walked in. Aleah looked fresh and happy. That made Aahil even more angry . Zuhayr had to meet someone, so he immediately went the other way . Aleah was slowly walking towards the elevator. Aahil came and took hold of her arm forcefully . Made her walk towards the entrance. He called for his car . Made Aleah sit in it . Aleah was too shocked to gather what was happening. 

As Aahil started driving, Aleah asked him to turn the car around. She told him “ I have to get ready . I have been out since morning. I’m tired “.

Aahil ignored her . He drove her to a quiet place and stopped the car . He turned towards her and said “ What is all this ? What are you doing?”.

Aleah looked at him confused “ Doing what “ she asked .

Aahil questioned her “ Why did you go out with Zuhayr?”.

Aleah lost it now “ Why shouldn’t I ?”. She retorted back at him.

They argued bitterly . Both not giving in. Aahil drove her back to the hotel. Aleah stormed out of the car. She banged the car door hard . She was trembling with rage .

“ what does he think of himself ?”. She was muttering to herself as she rode the elevator.

Stay tuned for the Banquet dinner . More drama to unfold πŸ˜‰


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